I know I say this with every project – but I’m obsessed with this one! 

These little DIY baskets are so stylish and sturdy and perfect for holding all those bits and baubles we all have. 

Sewing rope baskets is a great activity to do when you are passing the time, kind of like macrame.

You can actually buy these too.

But, for less money, I made three good-sized baskets out of inexpensive clothesline and still have a bunch of clothesline leftover to make more. 

So you save so much money by making them yourself!  And it’s a fun project to boot.

How to Make Rope Baskets
DIY Rope Baskets - Kitchen Counter

This is my little helper showing you rope basket scale 🙂

Rope Baskets DIY from clothesline

I especially love that your sewing machine does all the work for you. 

I’ve seen these rope basket tutorials using hot glue so that is an option if you don’t have a sewing machine.  But for me – the sewing machine is easy enough and I think makes them a bit more sturdy to handle.

I started off using white thread but ran out and then switched to black and I love the contrast! 

It got me thinking that you could make these coordinate with your rooms just by switching out the thread.  Or use a bunch of different colors for a cool look.

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Let’s get started, shall we?  🙂

Things You’ll Need

  • Cotton Clothesline 7/32- I used this cotton clothesline in a natural color and it was perfect
  • Sewing Machine and Thread (with a zig zag stitch option) – I used this black thread for two of the baskets just in case you were wondering
  • Pins – not really needed but might make it easier in the beginning (see notes below)

How to Make a Rope Basket – Step by Step

Use your sewing machine to make stylish Rope Baskets
Start your basket by creating a small coil and sewing this part very well

Step 1

Set up for a zigzag stitch (#4 on my machine).  Start by coiling your clothesline rope into a tiny circle. 

This will start to form the base of your rope basket.  You can put a pin through this and sew it that way but I found it easier to just stick it right under the sewing machine. 

I sewed back and forth across it to really make sure it’s good and secure.

Use your sewing machine to make stylish Rope Baskets

Step 2

Continue to coil the clothesline rope around. 

The toughest part is in the beginning because it’s so small at first. 

It gets MUCH easier as it gets bigger.  Line up your machine so the middle of the two ropes is fed under the needle.  The zigzag will stretch across the two ropes, adjoining them together.

Place your rope basket under your sewing machine to attach together

Step 3

More clothesline coiling! Keep going as big as you want!

Here are a few tips:

Tip 1 The basket will naturally start to round out and curl up as you are sewing.  Keep your bottom piece proportionate to the size of your basket.  For example – if you want you a lower and wider basket you will need a larger flat base on the bottom.

Tip 2You can roll the edges of the basket down for a unique look if you make the basket taller

Tip 3 : Periodically switch from a #4 zigzag stitch to a #5 to make little “dots” of thread throughout the basket.

Tip 4 :  Make little “handles” but sewing a small hole through two adjacent ropes.

Attach rope together to form basket using your sewing machine.

Step 4

Time to finish your rope basket. 

At some point, it has to end and you will have the end of the rope with no place to go! 

I simply sewed it as securely as could to the end and left the end a bit frayed.  It looks natural and organic that way.  You could also make a knot and attach a cute tassel or pompom.

Or, you can create a little handle with the end of the rope basket by sewing a loop there.

These things are so cute. 

You can use them in the kitchen, your entryway table to hold keys, your linen closet, your bedroom – even in your bathroom cabinets to hold all those little things.

Rope Baskets are easy to make and useful for holding things - you can even gift these away.
DIY Rope Baskets

You could also use different color cotton cording!  Get creative.

Make a set of nesting bowls and gift them away!

Rope Baskets holding fruit
Rope Baskets holding fruit

How to Make a Rope Basket without a Sewing Machine

If you don’t have a sewing machine but you still want to make a rope basket you have two options – You can hot glue them together or you can hand stitch them together.

These methods will definitely take more time to complete, but these rope baskets are so useful – it’s a fun project to complete in a weekend.

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xo Karen

Sewing Rope Baskets: Easy Home DIY

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