12 Awesome Beginner Macrame Projects

macrame produce bag

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New to macrame? You’re in luck. These beginner macrame projects are perfect if you’re just starting out. A lot of these are small or mini versions so they are not as intimidating. Complete them in a weekend!

To make it even easier, be sure to check out my post on Basic Macrame knots and download your free handy macrame knot pdf. It’s easy to see why macrame is such a popular DIY project.   Bringing macrame into your decor invites that chic, bohemian vibe into our homes. 

Macrame pieces are not only crafts, but they are also artwork.  Those intricate knots can be mesmerizing!

There are so many uses for macrame too (plant hangers, fruit and veggie holders, decorative wall hangings, and even jewelry!)  And you don’t have to make it complicated either.  The simple projects look as good as the complicated projects if you ask me.

Amazon sells the materials needed for most of these macrame projects.  Just go to Amazon and search “macrame cord” and “macrame rings” and a bunch of good options comes up.

Actually – you can buy finished pieces of macrame too, but where’s the fun in that!?

This post might include affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See my policy.

Beginner Macrame Projects

I’ve rounded up some easy projects that are super cute and fun to try.

1 // Macrame Necklaces

beginner macrame projects - macrame necklace via Lia Griffith

Oh yes, you can wear macrame! Get the full tutorial for these super cute necklaces at Lia Griffith.

2 // Beaded Macrame Plant Hanger

Easy Macrame Beaded Plant Hanger for Air Plants - Decor Hint

I love the beads here! Get the full tutorial at Madeinaday.com.

3 // Mini Macrame Wall Hangings

DIY Mini Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

These are so fun to make and a bonus: you don’t need a huge amount of cords. Find the tutorial for mini macrame hangings here!

4 // DIY Macrame feathers

DIY Macrame Feathers 7 - Decor Hint

These are sure to impress your friends. Lots of oohs and ahhs for these feathers. Get the tutorial for these Macrame Feathers here.

5 // Macrame Jar Hangers with Fairy Lights

DIY Macrame Jar Hanger 18 - Decor Hint

These look absolutely magical at night. I stuffed each jar (old yogurt jars) with fairy lights. Just dreamy! Make these macrame jar hangers here.

6 // Easy Macrame Wall Hanging (only one knot)

easiest diy wall hanging 4 - Decor Hint

This wall hanging with beads takes just one knot. Get the full tutorial for the DIY wall hanging with beads here.

7 // Macrame Spiral Knot Christmas Ornaments

macrame christmas ornaments - Decor Hint

These spiral knot Christmas Ornaments will shine on your tree. Get the full tutorial for these macrame Christmas ornaments (plus video) right here.

8 // Macrame Placemats

macrame placemats

Macrame placemats are a perfect addition to your table. These placemats only take three knots. Get the details for these DIY macrame placemats right here.

9 // Macrame Mason Jars

Macrame Mason Jars on a windowsill

Take a boring mason jar and macrame it up. Get the full tutorial for these macrame mason jars right here.

10 // Macrame Produce Bag

produe bag - Decor Hint

This adorable and trendy produce bag is a cinch to make. You only need one type of knot and a few materials. Get the full tutorial at Say Yes.

11 // Macrame Bracelet

hexnut bracelet 5 - Decor Hint

More jewelry for you! You can make this beautiful macrame bracelet and you won’t believe the materials she used to make it. Hint: You may have to look in your garage. Get the full tutorial right here.

12 // Macrame Ball Ornament

macrame christmas ornaments - Decor Hint

This is a fun little video showing you how to make these really cool macrame ball ornaments. See the video by Oh My Knot here.

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