Spiral Macrame Christmas Ornaments

macrame christmas ornaments

I’m showing you how to create these fun macrame Christmas ornament tassels with a very easy-to-create spiral knot. These tassels look great on the tree or sprinkled throughout your home all year long. Ready to see how?

showing a row of macrame spiral knots with fringe
Macrame Christmas Ornaments

I’ve been busy making some ornaments and decor for our Christmas Tree this year. So far, we’ve got wood bead ornaments, cinnamon applesauce ornaments, wood bead tree garland, and now these! We don’t have our tree up quite yet but I have an idea in my head and I can’t wait to put it all together.

Since our home is very classically neutral, this year I’m bringing back the traditional color palette of reds, greens, golds, and silvers. But I don’t want everything dripping with holiday overload, so I’m toning it down with some rustic and neutral ornaments and decor.

macrame tassel hanging from cabinet knob

These macrame tassels are so cute and take no time at all to complete. While I can’t wait to put them on the tree, I have a feeling these would look good around the home all year long. It’s all the details guys!

But wait, how do you decorate with tassels around the house?

Simple! I love hanging tassels on cabinet and furniture knobs and doorknobs. I’m showing them here hung from our built-in linen cabinet. You can also hang them from peg rails and accordion racks for an eclectic look. It’s just that little extra detail for your home decor.

macrame tassel hanging from cabinet knob

Or use it as a keychain. My daughter and her friends are obsessed with keychains on their backpacks.

So – let’s make these macrame spiral knot tassels!

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Things You’ll Need

  • Small wood rings – you can also bend some wire into a circle if you have that lying around.
  • Macrame cord – I wanted chunkier tassels so I chose 5mm cording. If you want something tighter and smaller, use a thinner cord.
  • Scissors
  • Wire brush for fringe – I use a pet brush like this
  • Bakers twine or jute – for hanging!

How to Make Macrame Christmas Ornament Tassels

I made a quick video showing you how I made these. If you need a refresher on how to make a spiral knot, please see my Basic Macrame Knots guide article.

Watch the Video Here

macrame tassel hanging from cabinet knob

A Spiral knot is just like a square knot, but you are only working one side or making a half square knot if that makes sense. You don’t complete a full square knot. Just repeat a series of these half square knots and your cording will start to spiral for you.

Here the steps are broken down …

  1. Cut two pieces of cords each 48” in length.
  2. Attach your cords to the wood ring using Lark’s Head Knots.
  3. You will have four cords there. Make your spiral knots and continue all the way down until you have a bit of cord left. This is what will create our fringe.
  4. Even up the cords at the bottom with your scissors. Unravel the cords and brush them out to create fringe. Use your scissors to even put the fringe.
  5. Take a piece of bakers twine and tie a loop through the wood ring.

You are all done! These tassels don’t take long to complete, so I made a bunch to put on our tree this year. My finished tassels measure about 6 inches each.

showing a row of macrame spiral knots with fringe

If you want different colors, you can always buy colored cording. You can also intertwine some beads in there for a nice effect. I wanted to do this but ran out of wood beads. Ugh!

macrame christmas ornaments
macrame ornament spiral knot tassel

I hope you guys enjoyed this little holiday macrame tutorial. Be sure to check out my other macrame and Christmas posts!

Thanks for visiting with me today!

xo Karen

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