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This tutorial will show you how to make a pretty Christmas tree bead garland. And you can make this in about ten minutes and for less than $10. Ready to get started?

Bowl of beads wooden

If you’ve been a reader of mine, you know that one of my favorite things to DIY is knockoff decor. I’m seeing tons of Christmas decorations out there and one of them that really caught my eye are these wood bead tree garlands.

West Elm has one. Crate & Barrel has one. Hearth and Hand had one last year (not sure if it’s still around).

Since I always seem to have wood beads lying around, I thought, why not make one myself? This is one of those projects where you can make it yourself for just slightly less than the store brands. Some of you might just want to purchase if you don’t want to bother with the DIY.

But, ya know, it’s fun and I’ll save the ten bucks! Especially this time of year. This is also a fun activity to involve the kids. They can help string the beads (just be careful with the needle)!

So let’s get started!

wood bead garland displayed

Materials Needed

The easiest and quickest way to string your beads on is by using a needle. It can be kind of tricky to thread your string through those little holes. Using a needle allowed me to complete this bead garland project in mere minutes!

How to Make Your Own Wood Bead Garland for Christmas

a pattern of wood beads in a row

This is very similar to my DIY bead garland for everyday decor. Actually, it is the same. Ha!

You might be able to figure out how to do this, but here are the steps.

threading a needle and tying a knot
  1. You first want to cut your string to the length of your garland. I made mine 9 feet long. Tie a triple knot on one end of the string.
  2. Thread your needle and knot it at the other end. So, one end of your string should be knotted and the other end should have your needle knotted.
  3. Find your bead pattern! I went with a simple pattern, smaller to larger beads on repeat.
  4. String your bead pattern on your thread. Periodically, you can push all your beads down to the end.
  5. Once all your beads are strung on, remove the needle and tie a triple knot at that end. Now you’re done!
christmas tree wood bead garland

These wood bead Christmas garlands look so pretty around your tree. You can also hang them from your mantel (which is my plan). Or, you can hang them across a window or staircase. So many ways to use these pretty wood bead garlands.

wood bead garland hanging from a mantel with greenery
wood bead garland hanging from a mantel with greenery
wood bead garland displayed on top of greenery garland

I can’t wait to start decorating and incorporate all these fun little DIY projects into my Christmas decor this year. For more tutorials, check these projects out …

Thank you so much for being here and for continuing to be a reader!

xo, Karen

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