Creating paper bag snowflakes is not only a delightful craft but also a budget-friendly way to infuse your home with holiday magic. As the season of Christmas approaches, there’s no better time to embark on this fun and whimsical DIY project.

All you need are some basic supplies, a dash of creativity, and a pinch of holiday spirit to transform ordinary lunch bags into enchanting snowflakes that will adorn your living space.

paper bag snowflakes how to tutorial

In this guide, we’ll take you through the simple steps to craft these charming decorations, allowing you to add a touch of wintery wonder to your decor without breaking the bank. So, let’s dive in and discover the joy of making paper bag snowflakes!

Things You’ll Need

  • Paper Lunch Bags (can use any color)
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue (can use hot glue, glue stick etc.)
  • Pencil (for sketching out a design)
  • Sharp Scissors (you will have to cut through many layers of bags, so make sure these are sharp!)

How to Make Paper Bag Snowflakes

I highly recommend you watch the how-to video. It makes things much clearer.

paper bag snowflakes how to tutorial

How to create paper bag snowflakes from lunch bags.

Total time: 30 minutes

  1. Glue 7-8 bags together

    making paper bag snowflakes

    Create a T line of hot glue down the middle of one bag and across the bottom. Lay another bag on top to glue them together. Continue until you have 7-9 bags glued together. For the fluffiest snowflakes, you need at least 7 bags glued together.

  2. Cut out Design

    making paper bag snowflakes

    Using sharp scissors, cut the bags into a point at the open ends. Then, along either side, cut shapes such as triangles or hole punch holes throughout to create a design.

  3. Glue Ribbon to Bags

    making paper bag snowflakes

    Attach long pieces of ribbon down the middle of both the very top and bottom bags (the bag at the very bottom and the bag at the very top.) Finally, you will open up the bag and glue the two ribbons together to hold them in place.

  4. Hang and Enjoy!

    making paper bag snowflakes

    I hung my paper bag snowflakes across our kitchen window, by tying each one to our blinds. And yes, you can still open and close the blinds!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that might help you.

How many paper bags do I need to make a paper bag snowflake?

making paper bag snowflakes

Typically, you’ll need between 7-9 paper bags to create a full and fluffy paper bag snowflake. The more bags you use, the fluffier your snowflake. But keep in mind, the more layers you add, the tougher it is to cut through cleanly.

Can I use different colors of paper bags for my snowflakes?

Absolutely! Using a mix of brown and white paper bags can add a unique and charming touch to your snowflakes.

Do I need a hot glue gun, or can I use regular glue for this project?

While a hot glue gun is often recommended for a secure and quick bond, regular glue can work too, although it may take a bit longer to dry.

How do I hang the paper bag snowflakes once they’re done?

making paper bag snowflakes

You can hang your paper bag snowflakes with ribbon or tape. I recommend the ribbon method because it’s sturdy, won’t rip the bags and it looks so pretty. Glue the ribbon to the snowflake on the inside as I show above.

Are paper bag snowflakes a good kids craft?

making paper bag snowflakes

Yes, this is a family-friendly craft, but adult supervision may be needed when using a hot glue gun or scissors. A hole punch is a good way to involve them without getting them near the scissors.

Can I store these snowflakes for future use?

Yep! Use hot glue or glue dots on the ribbon part where the snowflake comes together. Then, you can carefully peel away the hot glue or glue dots, and fold the snowflakes back up to reuse them for subsequent holiday seasons.

I hope you love these paper bags snowflakes as much as I do! And don’t forget, these can also be used as gift toppers, ornaments, in garlands and more – let your imagination run wild!

How to Create Whimsical Paper Bag Snowflakes

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