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Find out how to Pack Christmas Ornaments properly. I’m sharing my favorite way to put away Christmas ornaments. No broken ornaments to date with this method.

Find out how to Pack Away those Christmas Ornaments properly.  #organizationtips #organization #storageideas #organizationideas

As someone who is obsessed with organizing and decluttering, I actually get a little giddy when it’s time to take down the Christmas decorations and pack them away.

I put on some music, get my Christmas Storage boxes back out and just organize my heart out for the next couple hours. It’s a very cathartic experience. Anyone else with me on that?? No? Just me? Anyways, I wanted to share with you all how to pack away Christmas Ornaments. Or at least, share with you my method of packing them away. Not a broken ornament to date!

How to put away christmas ornaments
My little helper!

Ornament Storage Boxes

Find out how to Pack Away those Christmas Ornaments properly.  #organizationtips #organization #storageideas #organizationideas

In years past, I tried to get away with just a plastic tub and some tissue paper but frankly, it was a jumbled holiday mess in there. It was like an archaeological site – I was just digging and digging through the tissue paper to find those precious ornaments.

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So I went ahead and purchased an actual ornament storage box a few years back. And let me tell you. It’s the best thing I could have done for these precious ornaments of ours. I purchased this one on Amazon and I’m happy to report it’s still available! Which is good because I think I need to buy a second one soon.

I’ve seen these ornament storage boxes everywhere, from Walmart to Target. Guys – they make a huge difference so it’s well worth it to get one!

I love that this ornament box I have is not heavy. It’s made of a canvas material that keeps it lighter, but it’s still very sturdy. The handles on each side make it very easy to carry.

How to put away christmas ornaments

This ornament box comes with a set of cardboard dividers which make it very easy to wrap each ornament and place in its own little cardboard square. I occasionally put more than one ornament in each square, as long as I feel they won’t break each other being together like that. The really fragile ornaments get their own special square.

Ornament storage holder

I do feel the squares are generously sized, but honestly, not all of my ornaments fit in each square. Some are too big or long. In which case, I make larger slots out of the cardboard dividers (rectangle shapes or big squares). All you have to do is take away a section of the cardboard divider and you have a much bigger space to work with.

Christmas Ornaments

And for those Christmas ball ornaments, I have another plan so keep reading.

How to Pack Christmas Ornaments

So here’s what I do. I wrap each ornament carefully in a bunch of tissue paper or bubble wrap or you could even use soft cloths or batting. Anything soft that will give those ornaments some protection in the box will work. You can reuse the same tissue paper year after year too. If the ornament is really fragile, I stuff a little tissue paper around the sides as it lays in the cardboard square.

Tissue paper wrapped ornament

I do this with each ornament until one whole divider is filled with ornaments.

Find out how to Pack Away those Christmas Ornaments properly.  #organizationtips #organization #storageideas #organizationideas

Then, I lay a piece of sturdy cardboard on top of that layer (this cardboard piece also comes with the ornament storage box) and lay a new divider layer on top of that to start again. The process keeps going until I reach the top. Make sure it’s not overfilled and that the top will still fit properly.

How to put away christmas ornaments

What about storing those Christmas balls?

I have a number of glittered and shiny Christmas balls that I use every year. For starters, any balls that don’t make it on the tree get donated away. If I’m not going to use it, why store it? And I do this with our other ornaments as well, as long as they are not too sentimental.

Storage Bin for Christmas Balls

I use your standard plastic tub with a lid to store these ornaments. NOTE: My Christmas balls are the plastic unbreakable kind!  

If I had the glass or ceramic ones, I would use an organizer with dividers made for storing Christmas balls.

I also throw my very large wooden snowflakes in this bin and my candy cane ornaments. These are not fragile items, but they are really big and too clunky to fit into the ornament storage box.

Storage Bin for Christmas Ornaments

And that’s it! My ornaments are safely packed away every year. And when Christmas rolls around again, it’s a joy to get those boxes out and unwrap each ornament again.

Empty Tree Christmas
Our empty tree!

I think part of the key to organization is keeping your ornament stash manageable, which is why I am a fan of donating away whatever ornaments you don’t seem to use year after year.

How do you guys pack away your Christmas ornaments?

xo Karen

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