Do you love the look of board and batten walls, but don’t know where to start? Well, then check out this tutorial on full wall board and batten!

This is a project that can be completed in just a couple days, and it is a great way to add some character to your spaces.

What is board and batten?

Board and batten is a type of wall paneling that consists of vertical boards (the “boards”) and horizontal strips (the “battens”). It’s a very popular look nowadays – and luckily, it’s not that hard or expensive to complete.

Board and Batten Half Wall or Full Wall?

You will want to decide if you prefer the look of a half wall or full wall board and batten. Both are beautiful so it’s just personal preference (and budget, as full wall board and batten calls for more wood and time). What’s the difference?

A half wall board and batten does not come up to the ceiling. You would install a chair rail or molding piece somewhere in the middle or 3/4 up the wall to cap off the top of the boards. A half-wall look is easier and less expensive to complete.

A floor to ceiling board and batten will span the entire length of your wall, from top to bottom. With this type of board and batten, the boards sit between a top crown molding and a bottom baseboard.

Bathroom Before

Here’s a peek at our bathroom before. Bland and boring.

before photos of a builder grade powder room, before installing floor to ceiling board and batten

What You’ll Need

why did you use lattice?  

We had thin baseboards installed at the bottom. Instead of ripping those off and starting over, we needed to find thinner boards that would line up with the baseboard. The lattice was a perfect width!  

installing full wall board and batten in a bathroom

If you don’t have baseboards yet, you can use the standard / thicker boards for your board and batten – like this.  If you are in the same boat as us with those thin baseboards, then lattice boards might be a good solution for you.  OR, you can cut the bottom of the boards to a 45 degree angle – this will fit right on top. We did something similar for our DIY Grid Wall.

Full Wall Board and Batten Tutorial

blue bathroom with floor to ceiling board and batten

Follow these steps to install your board and batten in your bathroom.

Total time: 2 days

  1. Measure Your Space

    Easy Full Wall Board and Batten

    You’ll want to start by measuring the bathroom. Measure both the width and height of the wall (or walls) you’re working with. Take note of outlets and plumbing. Determine how far apart you want your boards to be. It’s easier to install board and batten around these things.

    I lined up my boards to sit flush with each corner, then measured from the corner to the center of the toilet – that space is the distance I used around the bathroom. If one of your boards bumps into the sink or light fixture, you will just have to cut your board up to the item, then cut another piece to continue on the other side.

  2. Make a Spacer Board

    Once you have determined how far apart you want your boards to be, cut a piece of wood to this length. This will be your “spacer board” that you will use to line up the boards as you go along.

  3. Install your Crown Molding

    making 45 degree cuts for crown molding

    Here’s how to install crown molding. With the measurements you took from Step 1, cut your boards to size. You want to cut mitered corners so they meet nice and neat. Set your saw to a 45-degree angle. Place your board upside down on the saw. Cut the left side of the board with the saw angle to the right, and cut the right side of the board with the saw angle to the left. The crown molding should look like an isosceles shape. The Spruce has a good tutorial for this.

    To attach to the ceiling, apply a layer or construction adhesive and place it against the wall where it meets the ceiling. Then, use your brad nailer to place a few nails in each piece. Ensure your corners line up nice and neat!

  4. Install Boards One at a time

    Easy Full Wall Board and Batten

    I stress the one-at-a-time part here because floors/walls are not level. Even in a new house! It’s best to measure and cut each board to ensure it’s perfect every time.

    I start at the corners. Put some construction adhesive on the board and place it on the wall in between the baseboard and top molding. Immediately (before the adhesive sets), use your level to ensure the board the straight up and down, and then I use a square to ensure it’s square with the baseboards.

    Repeat this for each board, using your spacer in between, and a level to ensure each piece is straight. Then, finish by placing nails on each board with your nail gun.

  5. Caulk Sides and Edges

    Painter's Caulk - diy board and batten wall - full tutorial in post from start to finish

    Use painter’s caulk to fill in any gaps, spaces, and nail holes along your boards and the top crown molding. Spread it using your finger. This step ensures a professional-looking project.

  6. Sand and Paint

    crown molding with board and batten on the wall

    Sand your boards with a 180 grit sandpaper (nothing too coarse that could scratch your wood). Wipe all the sanding dust off with a tack cloth or vacuum. Follow up with your favorite paint.

    Now step back, and admire your work.

This bathroom felt very bland before, but the floor to ceiling board and batten gives it so much character now.

I decided to paint everything in the bathroom, all baseboards and ceilings and doors. I didn’t want anything to stick out like a sore thumb in there. I probably should have painted the outlet covers as well.

close up of a painting on a blue wall with board and batten molding
Decor Hint Prints

The paint color is Babbling Brook by HGTV Sherwin Williams. You have to purchase this in store as it’s not available online anymore. It’s very a pretty, smoky dusty blue.

a wood framed mirror above a bathroom pedestal sink with a green plant, blue walls with molding 

I picked up this vintage mirror from a thrift store for a $1! It’s not perfect, the mirror has some cloudy spots that I can’t seem to get rid of. But I love it.

I want to put a new vanity and light fixture in here at some point. I don’t really care for pedestal sinks. There is nowhere to store your stuff or hang a toilet paper holder! I like to hide a little trash can in them too.

Finally, the rug is Amber Lewis for Loloi. It’s one of my favorites.

I hope this floor to ceiling board and batten tutorial helped you or inspired you.

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Easy Full Wall Board and Batten

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