I’ll show you how to hang a wreath without damaging your door – this is THE nail-free, damage-free way!

It’s wreath season!

Well, it’s technically always wreath season. But I find that around this time of year, I am more focused on my door wreaths.

Hang a wreath front door

I suppose with winter and dreary weather on its way, we all crave some decor and color for our front doors.

How to Hang a Wreath with Door Damage

Today, I’m showing you my best trick for hanging a wreath on your door.

front door with grapevine wreath - how to hang a wreath without damaging your door.

No plastic or metal hangers.

No ribbons or hooks tied to the back of the door.

No Nails.

No damage! Remove and replace it as needed.

I’ll also include a tip for hanging a wreath on a glass door. Woot!

Step 1: Get these Wreath Hanger things.

To use this method you need to purchase two inexpensive items. (Depending on whether you have a glass, wood, or metal door – I’ve included genius products for you as well below!)

Hint: Don’t use the sticky tabs that come with the metal hook. Use a set of velcro picture hanging strips instead.


Because the velcro gives you a little bit more grip. I never found those flat sticky tabs to work that well. But the velcro ones? They work every time! You can buy them in white or black.

I also trim my velcro tabs down to fit the door hook. This way, the velcro tabs are even more hidden.

Step 2: Attach your Hook to your door.

Ok, now we are going to attach the door hook. Again – use the velcro strips!

use a door hook to attach your wreath

I have a doorknocker and windows on my front door, so I decided the best place for my wreath would be directly below the door knocker. Feel free to hang these anywhere you want on your front door.

They can be removed damage free!

Step 3: Optional (add a wire hook to your wreath)

This step is completely optional. If you don’t really want to see the hook, you can take a piece of floral wire and attach it to your wreath.

Create a loop and twist to secure it in place.

Now, use this little loop to attach your wreath onto the door hook. Voila! Your wreath now hides the door hook.

If you don’t care about the door hook, then you can simply hang your wreath directly on the hook. In fact, some wreaths are so full and bushy, they might already cover the door hook without this extra step.

hang a wreath door

And there you have it!

Your wreath is now secured to your door!

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How to Hang a Wreath from a Glass Door

No problem! They sell these suction cup wreath hangers that will practically blend in with your door.

You can also find wreath hooks that are clear, but I haven’t seen them in heavier weight limits yet. These clear hooks are ideal for windows though.

Check out my favorite hanging products below…

How to Hang a Wreath without Damaging your Door

What if I want to use a ribbon with my wreath?

I also like the look of a wreath tied with a ribbon, especially around the holidays. If you like this look as well, all you need to do is hang your hook a little higher on the door. Take a pretty ribbon and thread it through your wreath (the wire form on the back or just wrap it around the wreath itself). Attach the ribbon to the door hook and secure with a beautiful loose bow. The bow will help hide the door hook, too!

a door with a wreath on it below the doorknocker - how to hang a wreath on your front door

I’ve tried so many different ways to hang a wreath on our front door and this one has proved to be the best for me.

No wreath has ever fallen off and I don’t have to worry about those plastic/metal wreath hangers causing damage to my door.

Try this method and let me know how it works out for you!

Talk soon!

Xo Karen

How to Hang a Wreath without Damaging your Door

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