How to Make an Easter Tree Using Backyard Finds

Learn how to make an Easter Tree using branches from your backyard and inexpensive plastic eggs.

Easter Egg Tree using branches from your backyard

During this time of isolation around the country, you may be sitting at home wondering what the heck to do with yourself and your kids. I know I have.

Boredom can really get you down.

Why not make this easy Easter Tree? You can even give your kids a little history lesson on how Easter Egg Trees came to be.

Here’s why this project is great for kids and adults:

  • It’s hands-on arts and crafts. Kids can get creative & messy!
  • You get to forage for branches in nature.
  • It’s inexpensive. You might have a lot of the materials already on hand.
  • It’s a simple way to decorate for Easter.
Plastic Easter Eggs ready to be decorated!

I purchased this sack of plastic eggs from Amazon. They look pretty real, right? I was tempted to keep them plain, but that would take away a bit of the fun for my kids.

I ended up using paint and supplies that I already had in my craft stash. Some paints worked better than others on these eggs, and I’ll explain more below.

Instead of painting, you could also decoupage your eggs with your favorite Spring wrapping paper or newspaper.

If you are ready, round up your kids and let’s go!

Here’s what you Need

How to Make an Easter Tree

Take a nature walk and forage for some branches. I wanted a grander tree, so the kids and I searched for long branches with interesting, natural bends in them. The straight sticks don’t add enough movement to your tree.

You can spray-paint your branches with white spray paint if you prefer a white Easter Egg tree.

Place your branches in a vase. The more narrow the opening in the vase, the easier it will be to manipulate your branches into place.

The vase we used has a wider opening, so some of the branches splayed out on each other. But we made it work.

Now you want to decorate and paint your eggs. I decided to spray paint a bunch of them aqua blue.

At first.

However, the blue didn’t really stick to the eggs as I wanted. So, I ended up covering a lot of them with gold spray paint. This paint worked like a charm. (This is the same paint I used to make faux mercury glass.)

My son used crayon on his eggs and it worked surprisingly well. So, there’s another easy idea for you since most of us have crayons somewhere in the house.

My daughter used a bunch of acrylic paints. I cut the bottoms from roadie cups to use as paint cups. While the paint didn’t adhere quite as well here either, it was really fun for her to get a bit messy and creative.

Overall, the gold spray paint looked the best, followed by crayon. Who would’ve guessed!?

My kids and I joked that we were making a golden egg tree.

Hint: To get a speckled look to your eggs, barely hold down the nozzle of the spray paint and spray in short bursts. This sends out a light spray of speckled paint. It’s very cool!

Once your eggs are finished drying, you can attach some string to them for hanging.

How do I hang a plastic egg from a tree?

All you need to do is tie your string into a loop with a bow. Then, put a dap of hot glue on the top of your plastic egg, and place the bow part of the loop here. After the glue dries, carefully, start hanging your eggs.

And there you have it – a beautiful handmade Easter Tree.

Easter Tree on Dining Room Table

More tips for your DIY Easter Tree

Don’t feel like painting? Amazon sells painted Easter egg ornaments. Maybe I will try this next year. The blue speckled are my favorites.

Can’t find any good branches? You can use faux spring branches. I actually really like this look! Just make sure the eggs aren’t too heavy or you will weigh down the branches.

Great job and way to keep the kids occupied!

So, that wraps up this DIY Easter project. I hope you enjoyed making your own Easter Tree. Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

xo Karen