Stickable Photo Tiles with Storyboards

Have you tried stickable photo tiles yet?

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It’s probably one of the easiest ways to get family photos up around your house.

There’s no need for frames!

There’s no need for a hammer and nails!

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

Just your smartphone, some of your favorite photos, and the app.

Storyboards recently sent me some of their stickable photo tiles to review.

I’m not really one to hang up family photos – although I’m trying to get better at it. And I thought this would be a good way to force me into it! They are not perfect (nothing ever is) and I’ll explain more about that later.

But overall – I really like these stickable photo tiles!

Storyboards Review is basically an app where you can order stickable photo tiles. The photo tiles are made of PVC foam core with a black back and your photos printed on the front side. Each photo tile measures 8×8 and it’s very easy to create a grid or gallery wall from these tiles.

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

The ordering process was really easy – I had the photos on my phone and I just uploaded them to the app for ordering. Storyboards will tell you if your pictures are not the right resolution which is nice. I would hate to order photos and have them come out all blurry.

I found that they shipped incredibly fast – the photo tiles arrived in a matter of days.

Everything is packaged nice and neat and very secure.

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review
Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review
Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

I was surprised at how light these things are! I guess foam core doesn’t weigh that much. The actual photos on the tiles are pretty sharp.

How to Hang these Stickable Photo tiles

The package came with sticky tape that you apply to the back of the photo tiles for hanging. You can move the tiles around after hanging without any damage to your walls. According to their website; it’s “CLICK, PICK, STICK.”

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

I did notice that there is no frame surrounding the tiles – so you will see a bit of the inner foam core on the sides. Not a huge deal but I do wish they had a frame option to cover that up.

I suppose I could get creative and paint the sides or maybe even use a paint pen on it. Or maybe washi tape? Sorry – thinking out loud here.

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

You can only see it from up close. From far away it looks like the sides are all black.

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

After I hung one – I tried to move it and it was pretty well attached to the wall. However, once I got it off there was absolutely no damage to my walls.

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review
Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review
Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

I ordered a set of 10 and made a grid gallery wall on one of our blank stairwell walls. To keep things looking cohesive and stylish, I chose family beach photos of the kids using the black and white photo filter that comes with the iPhone Photo app – it’s called Noir. I just love black and white photos!

Stickable Photo tiles - My Storyboards Review

From the time I opened the box, it was not even 15 minutes later and I had it all hung up. I left some space at the bottom of the wall for future photo tiles – if I decide to keep these on this wall. They are removable so you never know if I decide to hang them somewhere else.

The only outside tool I used for hanging was a small level.

The company, Storyboards, stands by their product and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the product, they will refund your purchase – no questions asked.

Aside from the no-frame option – I really like these photo tiles. It’s such a great way to get some family photos up on the wall fast. I wish I would have had this in college – I know my friends and I would have loved to have this option for displaying photos.

Although people mainly use this with their own personal photos, I don’t see why you couldn’t buy outside art and have that printed on the tiles instead. You can quickly decorate a bathroom or playroom with some fun and quirky art finds.

I’m also thinking these would be great in a home office, which we all seem to be spending more time in these days. Throw some family photos or pictures from a favorite trip on your wall. You might even get asked about it during your zoom meetings.

Photo tiles are also a good gift for Grandma and Grandpa! Already printed and easy to hang for them. I don’t know about you but the grandparents in our life seem to love their grandchildren’s photos.

These photo tiles are pretty inexpensive as well, and they always seem to be running a promotion.

All in all, I’d say you will be very happy with these!

xo Karen