Table Lamps on Kitchen Counters: Bring on the Cozy

A target table lamp on a kitchen counter

New year idea: ditch the sterile overhead lighting and embrace some warm ambiance by putting table lamps on kitchen counters.

Yes, these familiar friends from bedrooms and living rooms are finding a chic home on countertops, casting warmth and charm where spatulas and spices once reigned.

Table Lamps on Kitchen Counters - yes or no?

Let me give you fair warning though; after implementing this stylish decor idea you may get the urge to start baking artisan bread. A table lamp is such a beautiful way to add the cozy to your space. After all, lamp-o-clock is still my favorite time of day.

rebecca and genevieve
Rebecca and Genevieve

Even if you think you are short on counter space – there’s always room for a lamp. I should put that on a T-shirt.

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How Lamps Add Character to Your Kitchen Counters

Overhead lights can be so…one-dimensional. Lamps let you layer and personalize your space. Think of them as mini spotlights showcasing your favorite cookbooks, adding warmth to a corner nook, or creating a soft glow over a breakfast bar. They instantly transform a utilitarian space into a cozy haven, perfect for whipping up a meal or sharing wine with friends.

pretty in the pines
Pretty in the Pines

There’s one exception to this I think: if you already have under cabinet lighting (hopefully that’s dimmable or at least a warm color for cozy vibes).

In this case, you probably won’t need a lamp and it will look weird having everything on at once. Not saying you can’t do it, but it’s bit redundant.

heidi caillier
Heidi Caillier

Let’s discuss choosing the right lamps. Because this is a chance to create a stylish statement!

Choosing the Perfect Lamp for Your Kitchen

Material matters! Go for sturdy options like ceramic, glass, or wood that can handle a flour spill or grease splatter.

crate and barrel, athena calderone
Crate & Barrel

Think unique or bespoke designs that reflect your style and complement the colors in your kitchen. Remember, your lamp is a signature piece, so don’t be afraid to let it shine (pun intended). Go for a different color or unique lamp shade.

for the home blog
For the Home

The lampshade is important here as well so don’t let it be an afterthought. Warm lamp shades don’t make scary dark corners! They spread the light softly, like a warm hug, so everything feels cozy. Like you want to bake sourdough bread (see, I told ya). Consider pleated or fabric lampshades for something a little different and eye catching.

A target table lamp on a kitchen counter

Here are some lamps that I’m totally digging for the kitchen right now.

350 - Decor Hint

Styling Tips for Maximum Impact

My suggestions for maximum impact for your table lamp here? Well, I have a couple. First, always opt for warm-toned bulbs (2700 kelvins) for a welcoming glow. I recommend a 40 watt bulb, or even lower for just a kiss of light. You can also buy these smart bulbs that can be dimmed from an app on your phone.

chris loves julia
Chris Loves Julia

Second, is how your style your lamp on your kitchen counters. If your lamp is smaller, you can give it some friends with stacked cookbooks, vintage trays, or even vases or canisters which add layers of visual interest. Place it atop a pedestal to give it some height. If you have a larger lamp, it can make a statement all on its own.

And let’s not forget about safety: keep your lamp away from the stove and sink!

Lamp Cord Management

Lamp cords aren’t exactly the most attractive thing and they can be a hazard if left sprawling out on your countertops. Keep them hidden! How do I do this? Rubber bands to the rescue my friends.

Kitchen Counter Table Lamps - what to do with the cord?

Take a huge chunk of your cord and neatly loop it together into a compact form. Then use a rubber band to hold the form together and tuck it to the back of the lamp. Easy peasy. They sell cord keepers and the like, but rubber bands do the same thing. You can also tuck loose cords behind cookbooks, trays or plants.

alice lane home collection
Alice Lane

Another idea? Buy a battery operated lamp, or use battery operated bulbs and cut the lamp cord (very risky in case you ever want to use that lamp again.)

anna page
Anna Page

DIY Your Dream Lamp

Feeling crafty? Upcycle a vintage find into a lamp (this is a DIY I want to try this year). Or transform an existing thrift lamp into something beautiful. A new lampshade is the icing on top.

Table Lamps on Kitchen Counters: Yes or No?

So I say without hesitation – YES – to lamps on a kitchen counter.

Table Lamps on Kitchen Counters - yes or no?

It’s an invitation to bring warmth, personality, and a touch of magic to your culinary domain and definitely one you should try!

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