a roundup of the best accent chairs for every budget!

Accent chairs are a must in interior design. Not only do they help fill an empty corner; but they can add much needed texture and character to a room. Accent chairs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabric choices today. It’s like that saying; there’s an app for that, only replace app with accent chair and it still fits.

Fortunately – like most things I preach on this site – you DON’T HAVE TO SPEND A FORTUNE here. I’ve curated a list of the best accent chairs for all budgets. So grab yourself a cup of joe (or tea, or wine) and peruse these beautiful accent chairs until your hearts content. I think you will be shocked (in a good way, of course) at some of the prices here.

{And let’s not forget that you can find some good thrifted chairs out there if you are patient. }

Farmhouse Accent Chair in a corner of a room - best accent chairs for all budgets
Thrifted Accent Chair

To make this list (like all my roundup posts); these chairs have to:

  • Be Affordable (duh).
  • Not be ugly. I mean, come on.
  • Have good Reviews. No crappy 3 star chairs allowed.

I’ve broken this list down by retailer, and included my favorite affordable home furnishing companies here.

You can use the table of contents to jump right to your favorites or just look through them all. You’ll find leather accent chairs, swivel chairs, barrel chairs, velvet chairs, etc. I tried to include a mix of everything!

So without further ado, let’s go accent chair shopping.

Full Roundup

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Target Accent Chairs

Target is a great place to look for furniture, especially since they have brand collaborations with stylish Magnolia and Studio McGee. They have an amazing selection and most of these are around or under $300.

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Wayfair Accent Chairs

Another great go-to for home furnishings! Wayfair is a little overwhelming with their sheer amount of options for things. So I stick to tried and true favorite brands with excellent reviews.

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Walmart Accent Chairs

Please don’t overlook Walmart. Featuring brand collabs with companies such as Better Homes & Gardens, Pioneer Woman, Gap Home (yes, the clothing store makes home goods), Drew Barrymore and The Home Edit. I’m telling you; the offerings at Walmart are getting better and better (but the affordability has not changed!)

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Overstock Accent Chairs

Overstock is a lot like Wayfair to me, but still so worth a look. Again, slightly overwhelming with all the options, but if you are willing to pick through you can find some affordable goodies. Plus, everything ships free!

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Amazon Accent Chairs

Amazon has their own brands ; Stone & Beam and Rivet to name a couple, but they also still offer furnishings from a number of outside sellers as well. And let’s be honest, ordering from Amazon is just easy. And don’t we all go there for the reviews, anyways?

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

World Market Accent Chairs

World Market, while a little bit pricier than the aforementioned brands, is still a great option for affordable home furnishings. I’ve always thought they leaned a little more boho so if you love that style you will probably like a lot of their options. 🙂

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

West Elm Accent Chairs

Blue West Elm Accent Chair in a room with a floor lamp and a small round table.  A white blanket is draped across the chair
West Elm Chair

I bet you didn’t think West Elm would even be on this list? Well – it’s here. West Elm has the Penn Chair which is absolutely gorgeous and under $400. Plus, let’s not discount the fact that you can always use a dining chair as an accent chair, especially when it has some character to it. I personally love to throw an antique wooden chair in a corner and call it done. It’s an easy way to add some charm to a room!

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Urban Outfitters

The less expensive (but not less stylish) sister of Anthropologie. If you want something unique – then Urban Outfitters is the best option for you in my opinion. Just so many beautiful accent chairs!

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

Shop The Post

Here are all those chairs for you again. Click on any photo for more product details!

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

happy shopping friend!

Xo Karen

Best Accent Chairs for All Budgets

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