Inexpensive DIY Wood Curtain Rods

As soon as I saw these wood curtain rods, I knew this was a project I could complete myself. Making DIY Wood Curtain Rods couldn’t be easier. You can buy the wood dowels at local hardware stores and even cut them in-store before leaving!

If you are looking for a way to add a rustic feel to your window treatments, give this project a try. It won’t break the bank. Most wood dowels are inexpensive and available in Poplar, a beautiful, light-colored wood. Poplar is considered a hardwood and readily accepts paint or stains. You can also find these dowels in Pine or Oak.

Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and DIY wood curtain rods


The inspiration for this wood project came from these wood curtain rods I saw on Etsy. I linked them below and a few other wood rod choices, so you can see how pretty these look on your windows. Not into wood rods? Try these conduit curtain rods instead.

Inexpensive DIY Wood Curtain Rods

Things You’ll Need

Notes: Determine how long your curtain rod needs to be. This will determine what length of wood dowel to purchase. Curtains should be hung high and wide (at least a few inches past the window frame). If you are using curtain rings, ensure the dowel is appropriately sized for your rings. I used 1-inch curtain rings and a 3/4-inch wood dowel. The thicker the wood dowel, the more sturdy, so keep this in mind if you hang heavier, lined curtains.

How to Make DIY Wood Curtain Rods

Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and wood curtain rods

How to Make Simple, DIY Wood Curtain Rods.

Total time: 1 hour

  1. Cut Dowel to Size & Sand

    Cut Wood Dowel to Size: how to make DIY Wood Curtain Rods

    You’ll need to determine how long your curtain dowel should be. Remember that not all hardware stores carry long lengths, but I’ve seen them available up to 72 inches long. Most hardware stores have a cutting station with a hand saw available. Or, take the dowels home to cut with your own saw. Then, lightly sand the ends to remove any rough wood.

  2. Paint or Stain Wood Dowel (optional)

    Sand Wood Dowels - how to make DIY Wood Curtain Rods

    If you want to paint or stain your wood dowel, now is the time. Lightly sand your wood dowels and then apply your preferred treatment. I think Poplar is beautiful, so I chose to keep it as-is. Make sure your dowel is completely dry before hanging.

  3. Hang Curtain Brackets

    Hanging curtain brackets is a breeze when you use a cardboard template.

  4. Hang Curtains!

    A close up look at DIY Wood Curtain Rods

    Place your wood dowel on the curtain brackets. If you use rod pocket curtains, place those on the rod before hanging them. If you use curtain clips, you can attach them to the rod before hanging them.

  5. Secure Rod to Brackets

    Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and wood curtain rods

    After hanging your curtain on the rod, ensure your rod is stable on each bracket. The little nail with the bracket will likely be all you need to secure your rod. However, you can also use a rubber band to secure the rod to the bracket.

These wood curtain rods are sitting in my guest room, which I’m sprucing up.

Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and wood curtain rods

I went with these Inovaday blackout curtains from Amazon and can say I’m impressed with them! They’re heavy, neutral, and even came with curtain clips.

Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and wood curtain rods

I hope you decide to give this curtain project a try!