Where to Buy Reasonably Priced Curtains

Beautiful drapes can really pull a whole room together.

There’s only one problem.

Where do you find reasonably priced curtains that don’t look cheap?

Most high-end curtains retail for over $100/panel.

Multiply that by how many windows you have and you’ve suddenly just spent a small fortune on curtains! Yikes!

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Today, I’m spilling all my secrets for where to get nice-looking, reasonably priced curtains that look great, as well as my fave curtain picks!

The Secret to Beautiful [Inexpensive] Curtains.

I realize that “inexpensive” and “reasonably priced” are somewhat subjective terms – but for the purposes of this post, I’m talking about any curtains that retail under $100/per panel.

my favorite blue slate velvet drapes
Inexpensive Velvet Drapes from Amazon

Most of the ones I pick out will be in the $20-$60/panel range (some even less). Woot!

Ok, so what’s the secret?

The secret is in the MATERIAL! Sorry, I wasn’t shouting. Just putting the emphasis on “material“.

Curtains that look high-end have a really nice, heavy drape and feel to them.

my favorite blue slate velvet drapes
Velvet Drapes from Amazon

When looking for curtains try to stick to these fabrics:

  • linen, or even faux linen (texture is nice!)
  • velvet
  • silk (or faux silk)
  • cotton/linen mix or high-quality medium weight cotton

Avoid the shiny polyester ones. Any fabric with a good texture and weight to it will look much better hanging on your windows.

Where to buy reasonably priced drapes - the best shops online for finding perfect curtains!
Target Blackout Curtains

And here’s another thought for you.

When curtains are closed they might look super stretched across.

If you want them pleated looking while closed you will either need more panels or wider panels.

You can always use two sets of panels on each side of the window to keep them looking full and lush.

They also sell curtains in extra wide widths if you are trying to cover a large sliding glass door or something.

But of course, these will generally be over $100/panel or more.

Where to Buy Reasonably Priced Curtains

Here are my favorite inexpensive curtains and where to get them.

  1. Overstock this brand is awesome! You can also put in a search for curtains in the good fabrics (ie: ‘velvet curtains’).
  2. Half Priced Drapes – so good you guys. They have their own website where they run sales but they also sell on Amazon. So it’s best to check between the two to see where the best deal is at the moment. They tend to sell out quickly.
  3. Target – I used these blackout drapes for my son’s room last year and they look great! But I also really like Project 62 and Opalhouse.
  4. Amazon This brand is amazing!!! Linen PLEATED curtains!?! For a great price? These check all the boxes. I also love this brand of velvet curtains. Very beautiful and very inexpensive.
  5. IKEA – The RITVA curtains are the holy grail of curtains that designers swear by, but also look at SANELA and TIBEST. IKEA also sells drapery hooks to give you that awesome curtain pleat!
  6. CB2 – Every now and again you can get a good deal on curtain panels at CB2. Something like this is not a bad deal! Check them out during sales for extra savings!
  7. Wayfair – be sure to do a search for curtains in the materials noted above, but check out this brand as well as this brand for some real beauties.
  8. Pottery Barn – Ok, I know what you are thinking. But there is just one curtain that I want to highlight here, the rest are pretty darn expensive. That’s this one. Not a bad price, right!?

My Favorite Curtain Picks!

Click on any photo for more information.

Where to Buy Reasonably Priced Curtains - Now that you know where to buy reasonably priced curtains - what's next on your decorating to-do list? I'd love to do another round-up for you!

How to Hang Curtains so They Look GOOD.

This could be a whole post in and of itself. There are no rules in decorating, but this is my personal preference and also what I see all the popular interior designers doing as well.

  • Hang Curtains High – About 2-3 inches below the ceiling or moldings.
  • Use Drapery Rings or Clip Rings – There is something about the rings that give it a nicer and more custom look. If you want to hide the “clip”, use these drapery hooks and connect your ring to that instead.
  • If your curtains come with the pinch pleat heading tape or buckram, you can use these pleat hooks.
  • Hang Curtains Wide – Try extending your curtain rod 4-6 inches past the window.
  • Curtains should drape long enough to just “kiss” the floor. There shouldn’t be a puddle of fabric or a high-water look.
Where to buy reasonably priced drapes - the best shops online for finding perfect curtains!
Matte Black Drapery Clip Rings from Amazon

An Easy Trick to Keep it Cohesive Looking.

An easy way to keep your curtain game looking cohesive throughout the house is to use the same color curtain rods and curtain rings throughout.

I’m partial to black matte curtain hardware – as Young House Love puts it – it’s the eyeliner of the room.

You could also use the same curtain throughout your home.

Think in terms of more neutral colors, white, ivory, cream, or even light blues and grays. No matter where you move to or how your decor changes, they will always look great.

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Remember – even if the curtains don’t look that great in the picture, you can usually tweak them a bit and make them look more high end with the use of strategically placed drapery clips and proper fluffing and pleating.

Hint: Use one extra drapery clip on each end of the curtain and attach it to the drapery rod holder, this keeps your curtain from exposing that gap on the sides.

Now that you know where to buy reasonably priced curtains – what’s next on your decorating to-do list? I’d love to do another round-up for you!

xo Karen