How to Hang Floating Witch Hats

Floating Witch Hats and Candles on a Front Porch

Last year it was a giant spiderweb. This year, I decided to do a spin on Harry Potter with floating witch hats and candles. Such a cool scene from that movie!

Floating Witch Hats and Candles on a Front Porch for Halloween

It’s not hard to replicate this look and it makes such an impact on your front porches. If you guys want to learn how to do this, keep reading!

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How to Secure Your Candles and Hats to Fishing Line

Open your candle by twisting the bulb and insert the batteries. Before closing the bulb all the way, double knot a long piece of fishing line around the bottom of the bulb where it screws into the candle. Then, fully tighten the bulb, securing the knot inside the candle.

Thread the other end of the fishing line through a blunt needle, and insert it through the top of the witch’s hat, and pull the fishing line all the way out.

Thread some string through a witch's hat to make floating witch hats

How to Hang Floating Witch Hats to the Ceiling

To secure them to the ceiling of our porch, I tied the end of the fishing line to 3M light clips, and wrap the line around a few times to further secure it. I found it much easier to tie each one to the light clips BEFORE securing them to the ceiling (rather than trying to do this while standing on a tall ladder).

Use Light Clips to hang your floating witch hats

I made a total of 5 floating witchs hats and 5 floating candles and hung them at various heights around my porch area. And about an hour after I hung everything up, the wildest rainstorm blew through our neighborhood. Luckily, everything is still here! Phew!

How to Hang Floating Witch Hats for Halloween
How to Hang Floating Witch Hats for Halloween

You can see why you want a remote with your candles. To go up on a ladder every night and turn on each candle by twisting the bulbs would be a pain. And kind of dangerous.

But I noticed as an added bonus that the witch hats and candles look good in the daytime too!

Harry Potter Style Halloween Decor - floating witch hats and candles!

links to Everything I used for this Project

Here is everything I used for this project – all from Amazon. Just click on the photo to get more information.

350 - Decor Hint

Have fun with this one and please be careful while up on your ladder!

Witch Costume for a Tween

xo Karen

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