La Jolla Basket and Stylish Alternatives

a hanging chair in a girls bedroom next to a la jolla basket dupe

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If you love the look of this insta-famous basket, but are looking for something a little different, cheaper, etc – I got you covered in this la jolla basket dupe post!

The la jolla basket from Serena & Lily is one of their most popular products. The success of it was so big, in fact, that it spawned a whole la jolla collection of soap holders, trays, tissue holders and more.

We have our own “la jolla basket dupe” from Homegoods in Hannah’s room.

La JOlla Basket Serena and LIly
La Jolla Baskets

We are using it as a laundry hamper. I found a smaller laundry basket at the Dollar Store that we use inside the basket so she just has to lift that one out to bring down her laundry. You could also buy or make a laundry hamper to fit inside the basket. And yes, the handle broke off at some point. Kids these days. Ha!

Lidded Basket with a smaller laundry basket in it.
a hanging chair in a bedroom - in post, a tutorial for how to hang a chair from the ceilinga hanging chair in a bedroom - in post, a tutorial for how to hang a chair from the ceiling

Lidded baskets are great for living rooms, playrooms and more. Use them to hold stuffed animals, toys, blankets and anything you don’t want to constantly look at. These baskets are also helpful at filling corners and voids in your home, especially if you invest in a set or trio.

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La Jolla Basket Dupes

I highly recommend stopping by your local HomeGoods stores to see what they have available. They don’t have everything listed online that they do in the stores. Here’s a roundup of some additional look-a-like versions!

Note: I found some tiny lidded baskets on Amazon and Walmart. I didn’t include them in this roundup because they are small, wastebasket size ones. However – if you are looking for something like that then check out those stores.

tj maxx

Tj Maxx, like HomeGoods, has a plethora of options. I really love that they brought back their online store because waiting in that line is too much too handle sometimes. I can’t be the only one thinking that.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

world market

World Market has two different options right now (they change quickly)! The Arabella and the Amelia.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

container store

Container Store has this version which I like a lot. It has an affordable liner that you can buy separately which would make this an easy laundry basket.

container store basket
Container Store


Wayfair has some great options that are available in sets of two and three. From a price perspective, these work out a little cheaper than buying one at a time.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

crate and barrel

Crate and Barrel has a cute version in their kids store. The lid is flatter, but it’s still seagrass and the same concept so I included it here. It’s also available in three different colors, including the rose I show here.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

pottery barn

Pottery Barn has their own version, which is really simple and pretty.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

west elm

West Elm’s la jolla basket version is also pretty, but a little less neutral with the pattern.

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint


Anthropologie always has the cutest stuff, and this pineapple lidded basket is no different. I just love it!

spinner.9715e49a - Decor Hint

I hope this helps in your search for lidded baskets like the la jolla. If you love this kind of stuff, check out even more furniture and product dupes here.

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