One Room Challenge Week 1 – Kids Playroom Before

Week 1 of the One Room Challenge is upon us!

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Truth be told, I totally forgot about this and scrambled to take a few photos of our playroom today.

I was already planning a makeover of this room (phew) – so this One Room Challenge will help me stay motivated and actually finish what I started! (or so I’m hoping…)

This is my very first One Room Challenge as a blogger and I am so excited to be a part of it!

What’s the One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge is a decorating event for bloggers and home influencers that takes place twice a year.

Each blogger can choose one room in their home to completely redesign in 8 weeks – while documenting the whole process and sharing it on the One Room Challenge website.

One Room Challenge Logo Guest

The event is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens. It is NOT a competition – just a way to share your creative room makeovers with the world.

You can see all the participants for the ORC right here! I promise you LOADS of inspiration will come from this challenge!

Our Hideously Boring Playroom Now


Let’s take a good look at this BORING. BEIGE. BLAH. Playroom.

Can you tell we haven’t really touched this room other than throwing a few kid toys in here?

I think a lot of us can relate to a room like this when we move into a new home (or even when we’ve been living there for years on end – no judgment.)

One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before
One Room Challenge Playroom Before

What I did do …

I did make the kids a playroom activity table and I did manage to hang some art on the walls.

However – I just took all the art down so I could get ready to paint in here. Like I said – I was already planning this makeover so might as well join a challenge with it!

We also managed to hang a TV on the wall for the kids. There are only so many times you can watch Puppy Dog Pals in a week before your eyes and ears start twitching. This way – the kids have their own TV space for those nights we just can’t take it anymore.

My kids are 8 and 5. So, out of the baby stage but still in the kid stage where they want a fun room to hang out in.

And let’s be honest and call a spade a spade – this room is about as uninspiring as it gets! These poor kids! No wonder they don’t want to hang out in here.

The challenge with playrooms is how to make them fun and whimsical for kids while still making them fit in with the rest of your house. I don’t want any “sore thumb” rooms. I want everything to look as if it all fits together.

I’ve been in the process of putting together mood boards for this room over the last couple of weeks and I think I finally settled on a color scheme and design. But you’ll have to wait until next week (ORC Week 2) to see what I’m scheming! I’ll give you one little hint: It’s blue.

This room is desperate for a lot of things but one thing it really needs is COLOR.

One Room Challenge Week 1 Goals

So here’s what I hope to accomplish this week.

  1. Declutter this room. Go through the toys and books and decide what needs to go.
  2. Nail down a wall color for this room.
  3. Draw up a rough sketch of the new furniture layout.

Wish me luck and follow along as we take this playroom from blah to yay!

Xo Karen