DIY Halloween Banner for your Mantel

Make this easy and festive DIY Halloween Banner!

DIY Halloween banner
DIY Halloween Banner

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I can’t believe Halloween is only a few weeks away!

It’s actually one of my favorite holidays – if you call it that? I read and take inspiration from magazines and then try to recreate those looks myself. Martha Stewart is one of my favorite muses.

It really gets me in the spirit and the kids love it.  This year, I decided to try my hand at a cute but simple Halloween banner.  

We have a white painted stone fireplace and it looks amazing with black anything and a pop of orange.  

This Halloween Banner consists of one small piece of felt cut into triangle shapes and a piece of jute to attach them to.  It couldn’t be easier and it turned out pretty neat looking I think!  

Showing a fireplace with a halloween triangle banner

Here’s a quick tutorial.

Materials Needed

How to Make a DIY Halloween Banner

Follow these steps to make your banner.

Step One: Cut small triangles in your felt.

My triangles were about 3 inches from end to end.  They don’t need to perfect!  I figured out about halfway through that I could fold the felt over and cut several triangles at one time.  I know – I’m a GENIUS!  🙂

Felt Halloween Banner

Step Two:  Cut a long piece of jute twine.

I wanted two garlands.  One long and one short.  Since you will be knotting each triangle onto the twine, you want to make your jute twine long enough because the knots will shorten it.  You can always cut off excess at the end or just hide it under your mantel decor.

Step Three:  Punch a hole at the top of each triangle.

Just make sure not to make the holes too close to the edge or it will rip apart there.  I learned from experience. 🙂

Materials needed for Halloween Banner

Step Four: Loop each triangle through the jute twine.

You can space them however you like.  Just make a small knot at the top of the hole so the triangle doesn’t move on the garland when you hang it up.

String your felt triangles through jute twine

Step Five: Hang up your new cute Halloween banner!

I just used scotch tape to hang mine.  But you could also use those command light clips. Love those things.

I wanted to overlap each Halloween banner a bit but again – it’s up to you how you want to display them.

I put a few orange and white pumpkins on the mantel and some larger pumpkins on the floor.  With the fireplace on – it’s quite a spooky sight at night!  I love the way the banner pops against the white.

Attach the banner to your fireplace or where ever you need a touch of Halloween!

I was also thinking another cute version would be little candy corns hung up, in the same way, using orange and white felt pieces.  Super fun, right?

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Talk soon!

Xo Karen