DIY Spring Wreath - How to Make a DIY Spring Wreath using just a few simple materials.

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How to Make a DIY Spring Wreath using just a few simple materials.

how to make a spring wreath

Spring is coming – are you guys ready??  I am just starting to put some spring touches on our house.  I love that the days are getting a little longer.  It’s still been pretty cold and that’s put a hold on planting most of my spring seeds.  Check out a post next week for tips on growing flowers from seeds!  Anyways, today I want to inspire you (hopefully), with a diy spring wreath.

There are some really beautiful wreaths that you can buy from Etsy as well as some of the big box retailers.  They can be so pricey though!  Right?

It’s not too difficult to make your own and it can be very inexpensive.  Especially if you grab some of the materials from your own yard.  They don’t last as long, but they don’t look fake either.  I’m really picky when it comes to faux flowers and greenery.  It has to look pretty realistic for me to bring it home. 

We have just a few faux flowers/greens in our house – mostly succulents (because those look fake even when they’re real) and some faux eucalyptus.  I also don’t mind the idea of mixing – a few realistic looking faux flowers intertwined with your real ones to punch it up.  You can’t even tell the difference if you get good faux flowers!

I went to Michael’s over the weekend and I was really impressed with some of their faux flower selection.  They have the ‘real feel’ to them.  They are not papery.  Do you know what I mean?  They really looked real to me.  So I picked up a few faux flowers/plants and a wire wreath form and headed home.

Materials Needed

Tutorial for DIY Spring Wreath

The first thing I do is lay the foundation for my wreath with greenery.  We have a berry bush in our backyard and I snipped some branches off.  I attached them to the wreath form with the floral wire all the way around in a fan pattern.

attach greenery to your wreath form

Two notes – (1)The floral wire can be tricky, I think I’ll go with floral tape next time. (2) if you use a grapevine wreath form, that can help “fill” in the background so you don’t need as much greenery.  It won’t be as see-through.

attach greenery to your wreath form

Once I have my greenery laid out on the wreath, I use my wire cutters to cut the long stems off my faux flowers.  After I figure out where I want the flowers, I attach them to the wreath with the floral wire.

attach flowers to wreath form on top of greenery

The last step was adding a few sprigs of these faux tropical leaves.  They just added something different.

I only added a few flowers all bunched in one corner.  Flowers from Michael’s can really add up!  Believe me.  🙂

This really didn’t take long at all and overall I’m very pleased with my diy organic, spring wreath.

close up of a spring wreath on a door

This is how it looks up on the door.  The perfect touch for spring!

close up of a spring wreath on a door

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DIY Spring Wreath - easy to make and adds the perfect touch for Spring!

Thank you for reading!

xo Karen

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