Whether you’re a beginner crafter or an experienced one with years behind you, this list of my must-have craft tools and supplies is sure to help you. 

I’m breaking down my top MUST-HAVE craft tools and supplies that I use on a weekly basis for craft, DIY, and home projects.

This craft tool and supply list might be different from what you’re already seeing online.  As someone who crafts (A LOT) and mostly on home projects, these are the essential craft tools I use again and again and again.  

my must have crafting tools and supplies

So buckle up!  This is going to be a bumpy ride.  

Just kidding, it’s not.  I just always wanted to say that.  🙂

Essential Craft Tools and Supplies

Let’s begin!  

1. Scissors

High-quality scissors are a must for any crafter. 

scissors - my must have craft tools and supplies

You should definitely invest in really sharp scissors for cutting papercrafts, a good set of fabric scissors for sewing projects, and pinking shears for both types of projects.  

I also really love the vintage-looking bonsai scissors.  These are wicked sharp and look so cute on your desk.  

2. Mod Podge

Is there anything this little miracle craft supply can’t do? 

mod podge

I use it to decoupage plastic eggs, make coasters, magnets, photo prints, and more.  

Along with Mod Podge, you’ll want to pick up the acrylic sealer too – this will protect your crafts for years to come.  

3. Craft Knife / X-acto Knife

A good x-acto knife is worth its weight…in…x-acto knives?  Not sure where I was going there but this is definitely a craft tool you need in your craft belt.  

craft knife

I’ve used my craft knife to cut out paper garlands, make precise cuts for fabric, and even help with peel and stick wallpaper.  

4. Paintbrushes

A set of high-quality paintbrushes will take you far in your crafting career. 

paint brushes

Not only can you use these paintbrushes for painting and watercolors (duh), but you can also use them for applying mod-podge, stenciling, and creating antique frames.  

Don’t forget to grab these stencil brushes too!  

5. Rope

This one might confuse you but hear me out.  

For one, you can’t complete any macrame projects without rope or cording. 

clothesline rope

Clothesline happens to be incredibly inexpensive and there are SO MANY other things you can do with it.  

I’ve made kids bunting, spiderwebs for Halloween, and rope baskets to name a few.  A good quality rope is definitely a must-have craft supply for me.  

6. All Weather Adhesive

This stuff is so handy – it’s a must!  All-Weather Adhesive (like Goop) is flexible, paintable, and even withstands nasty weather. 

super goop adhesive

I’ve used it on home decor projects, like this Target pedestal bowl hack and upcycling home decor items.  Try it on leather, ceramics, and even some plastics.  Perfect for little crafting projects.  

E6000 is another brand you should check out.  I’ve had Goop for years and it never lets me down, it sticks around (sorry, bad joke,  couldn’t help it.)

7. Hot Glue Gun

Sometimes you don’t need an all-weather adhesive.  You just need some hot glue

hot glue gun

It’s cheap, it sticks to almost anything and it dries pretty quickly.  Aside from the occasionally burned fingertip – this tool will never let you down.  I use mine mostly for crafting wreaths but again, the sky is the limit with a hot glue gun.  

8. Wire Cutters

Speaking of wreaths and other wire-y crafty things, a good set of wire cutters will take you far. 

wire cutter

An essential crafting tool in my opinion.  You really can’t make a good wreath without one, but I also use them to create faux potted plants.  

9. High-Quality Cardstock/Paper

Again, this list might be a bit different from some of the others you read online.  Why does no one mention good quality cardstock?  For me, this is a must-have. 

good quality cardstock

You definitely need it for papercrafts, like making paper garlands, and also for making greeting cards and gift tags.  

However – I use it just as much for printing Printable Wall ArtCardstock or aged cardstock will really take your printable art to the next level.  Even Printable Cotton. Definitely keep a stash of GOOD paper in your craft closet.  

10. Hole Punch

While we are on the topic of papercrafts, you need a hole punch.  Gift tags, paper garlands, and organizational labels can be created with ease with a good hole punch.  

hole punch

(I’m starting to sound like Ina Garten with all the “good”, i.e. good olive oil, good vanilla, etc. – please tell me you know what I’m talking about.)  

11. Pom Pom Maker

Since I mostly craft things for the home, the Clover pom-pom maker has become a must-have tool. 

pom pom maker

Yes, you can use a fork or a Magna tile to make pom-poms, but I like the idea of making pom-poms all uniform in size, super fluffy, and even multicolored.  I show you how to use it right here.

These things will help you craft pom-pom garlands, easter bunny tail garlands, and pom-pom baskets.  

Pom poms make everything a little bit happier.  

12. Self Healing Mat and Rotary Cutter

I really don’t like how these are called self-healing mats but oh well.  You should get one! 

rotary cutter and self healing mat

They help you cut straight lines without ruining all your floors and tables.  For me, I use them like heavy-duty craft mats. 

Super useful for a variety of craft projects.  

13. Floral Tape and Wire

Floral wire and tape are essential when making any kind of wreath or floral craft.  The floral tape can even be used to create floral arrangements by helping you create a grid.  

floral wire and tape

I use floral wire for wreaths and even floral arrangements, and the floral tape can help hide where the wire was exposed.  

14. Jute Twine

Last but not least, jute twine. If I had a nickel for every time I pulled out my trusty jute twine, well, I’d have a nice little baggie of nickels right now.

jute twine

I use jute twine for everything from wrapping gifts to making Christmas ornaments and wreaths. It’s also useful for stringing garlands and tying on organizer labels.

That sums up this craft tools and supplies list for now.  If I think of more essential items,  I’ll add them to the list.  Have any you want to add?  Let me know, I’m all ears!  

Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting!

Xo Karen

14 Must-Have Craft Tools and Supplies

Karen Sloan

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