Beautiful DIY Hoop Wreath for Summer

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How to Make a DIY Hoop Wreath for Summer!  These hoop wreaths have a minimal and modern look and will look great on your front door.  Make a great front door impression.  

I love a good wreath.

But I hate spending upwards of $50 on them.

I’m also really disappointed when they end up looking fake.  I’m super picky about that!!

Which is why I tend to mix faux with real in a wreath.  I think the real stuff helps the fake stuff look even more real.  And your own backyard is the best place to look for the real stuff.

For this diy hoop wreath – I literally used 5 items total – including the hoop and floral tape.  I like using a variety of three things or more in my wreaths typically. 

DIY Hoop Wreath for Summer with Florals

Here I used faux eucalyptus, faux pinkish coral peonies and real greens from my front yard.  I like how the little green berries add some interest.

I think I’m obsessed with these hoop wreaths now!  Why?  Well, a few reasons …

One – because you only have to craft one section of it.  That makes it less expensive and quicker to complete.

Two – it has a simple and modern feel to it, a style I am drawn to more and more.

Three – It’s easy to take apart and reuse the hoop for something else.  Macrame?  Xmas Wreath?  Hula Hoop?  (just kidding).

DIY Hoop Wreath for Summer with Florals

This time around I used Afloral.  I’m on their email list and they were having a sale so I took advantage.  The one thing about Afloral is they have minimum purchases on a lot of their items.  So instead of just buying one or two, I had to buy 4.  That was a little bit annoying but whatever.  I have extras for next time I guess.

Like Michael’s, Afloral also has an assortment of “real feel” flowers.  I didn’t purchase any of those this time due to budget constraints.  Afloral has a MUCH bigger selection in comparison to Michael’s.  However, at Michael’s, you can actually go in and look at the flowers in person and you can just buy one if you want.   I also think Michael’s floral section is really improving.  They have some floral and greenery picks that are leaps and bounds away from the old dust collecting faux flowers of years past.

Now, Amazon is really stepping up their game! They have a crazy good assortment of faux flowers and like most of their items, they are very well priced. And I mean – two-day shipping?? Yes, please! Because we all want to make our wreaths NOW.

Close up of florals for wreath

Speaking of Amazon – they have me spoiled with their two-day shipping so anything longer than that seems like an eternity.   It took about a week for everything to be sent to me from Afloral.  I linked to the items I used below with options for Amazon and Michael’s too, in case that’s easier.

One more thing I wanted to mention – I used floral tape this time instead of floral wire.  All my craft supplies are in a box somewhere in the house while they are renovating.  I didn’t want to buy NEW of everything.  The floral tape worked really well.   Bonus – it doesn’t hurt your fingers!  And you can’t see the tape in the finished product.  So, yay!

Ok let’s get to it, shall we?

Materials Needed

DIY Hoop Wreath Tutorial

Step 1 : Lay out your Materials

The first thing you want to do is lay out your materials.  Since I bought peony “bouquets” (it is more economical to buy bouquets than single stems), I snipped each peony off the bouquet and just left a little stem.

Step 2 : Attach Greenery First as a Base

I started by attaching my green eucalyptus.  I used the tape to wind the eucalyptus stem around the hoop.  I used a total of two eucalyptus bunches – each going in opposite directions (stems touching).

Step 3 : Attach your flowers

In the middle area where the eucalyptus stems were touching – I attached my three peony flowers, covering over the taped eucalyptus stems.

Step 4 : Attach your Real Branches Last

Lastly – I snipped off some green berry branches from the yard and attached those where I needed an extra POP.

That was it!

DIY Hoop Wreath on a wood deck

I really love projects that are cheap, quick and still look good.

This project is fun and surprisingly meditative.  I’m not getting new age on you but I find the art of wreath making, and flower arranging for that matter, to be soothing and therapeutic.  (Macrame fits in this category too.)

Perhaps next time I will try the real feel flowers or the seeded eucalyptus.  I just love the different colors of green and the coral color of the peonies.  It screams SUMMER.  I’m already planning out my hoop wreaths for Fall and Christmas.  We should be back in the house by then – fingers crossed!

I hope you guys enjoyed this diy hoop wreath tutorial.  Thank you so much for visiting with me today!

xo Karen