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So, picture this – you’re eyeing your living room, thinking it could use a little pick-me-up. Well, friend, have you considered curtains? They’re not just for keeping nosy neighbors out, you know.

Curtains can totally transform a room, giving it that cozy vibe we all crave. It’s one of my personal favorite ways to finish a room. In this article, I’m discussing the most popular curtain types, and some pros and cons of each. Let’s dive right in!

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Pinch Pleat Curtains

Sorry, gotta start with my all time favorite curtain type: Pinch Pleat Curtains. You may have heard the term thrown around, but let me break it down for you real quick. These curtains are so beautiful without trying too hard. Once I started investing in pinch pleat curtains, I swear my whole decor game went up a notch.

affordable lined pinch pleat curtains on amazon
VisionHome Pinch Pleat Curtains

What sets them apart is the way the fabric is gathered into neat pleats at the top, creating a structured and formal look. It’s like dressing up your windows in a chic outfit that impresses without overdoing it.

  • Whether you’re aiming for a traditional or modern look, pinch pleat curtains can adapt to various interior styles effortlessly.
  • The pleats add volume to the fabric, giving your windows a luxurious, full appearance that’s hard to ignore.
  • The pleats will naturally give a neat and tidy appearance to your curtains.
  • Can be expensive, especially the custom ones!
  • Timeless look – always in fashion.

My personal favorite pinch pleat curtains are these affordable pinch pleat curtains on Amazon and TwoPage Curtains.

Blackout Curtains

Let’s talk about Blackout Curtains. You know those days when you just want to catch some decent shut-eye without the street lights or the sun rudely interrupting? That’s where these babies come in – they’re like your personal sleep superheroes. If we can get our kids to sleep a little longer, that wouldn’t hurt either – am I right?

  • Light control like you wouldn’t believe. It’s like having your own light dimmer in the room.
  • Ever heard of noise reduction? These curtains are like soundproofing for your windows. Perfect for drowning out the chaos of the city or the neighbor’s late-night parties.
  • They’re energy efficient too. Keeping your room cozy in the winter and cool in the summer, they’re like a shield against extreme temperatures.
  • Can be heavy to hang and can be expensive for high quality blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains are a type of curtain, but you can have pinch pleat blackout curtains, velvet blackout curtains etc. It’s the curtain liner that makes them blackout.

Cafe Curtains

I love me some cafe curtains. Cafe curtains add a charming, cottage core feel to your spaces. They’re classy, they’re practical, and they give your room that extra oomph.

cafe curtains hanging from a black curtain rod
image via Amazon

These half curtains cover the bottom half of your window, offering privacy without blocking out all that lovely natural light. Perfect for keeping those nosy neighbors out of your business while still letting the sunshine in. Sometimes we want softness but the window doesn’t allow a full length curtain – such as a window above the kitchen sink.

  • These still give you some Privacy and softness where you can hang full length curtains.
  • Still allow the light to come in the room by keeping the top half of the window exposed.
  • Very easy to make your own cafe curtains, and usually pretty affordable to purchase.
  • Charming, cozy cottage feel that’s popular right now.

When it comes to hanging them, don’t skimp on the hardware, my friend. A sleek, simple rod (brass or black are always winners in my book) will let your cafe curtains shine without stealing the show. And remember, measurements matter, you don’t want them too long or short.

Grommet Curtains

I’m sure you know grommet curtains. You know, those ones with the rings at the top? These aren’t my personal all time favorites, but I can see where people really love them. They are easy to hang and the rings give your curtains a good ripple fold look. Grommet curtains can be a bit dated.

grommet curtains hanging in a living room
Image Via TwoPages Curtains
  • Grommet curtains have a sleek, contemporary vibe that can instantly jazz up a room. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance without going overboard.
  • Those grommets make opening and closing these curtains a breeze. No more struggling with hooks or strings, just a smooth glide along the rod.
  • These curtains are available most places and are usually fairly inexpensive. Plus – no need to buy extra curtain rings.
  • Can be a bit dated looking.

Sheer or Semi-Sheer Curtains

Moving on to Sheer Curtains, those see-through beauties that add a touch of softness and elegance to any room. Sheer Curtains are fantastic for letting in natural light while still providing a tiny bit of privacy. They’re perfect for creating a soft, dreamy atmosphere in your space. Plus, they’re a great way to add a layer of texture without overwhelming the room. These curtains can also be semi-sheer, which is a bit heavier than sheer and provides a little bit more privacy, but still lets in light.

sheer pinch pleated curtains
image via Lantime Amazon
  • Good option when you want softness, but not total blockage.
  • Not a good option for bedrooms
  • Timeless look – always in fashion!
  • Can be inexpensive since they are not lined.

Picture coming home from a day at the beach, there’s a pleasant sea breeze blowing off the water. You have your windows open taking in all that delicious salty air, and your sheer curtains are billowing softly with each rush of warm air. It’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

Rod Pocket Curtains

Let’s talk about Rod Pocket Curtains – they’re like the classic choice for your windows. These curtains have a pocket at the top that slips over the curtain rod, creating soft gathers for a traditional, casual look. OR, you can hang these curtains from clip rings, as I am showing here this photo…

Guest Bedroom with wallpaper and curtains and wood curtain rods
Inovaday Curtains
  • They can get stuck on the curtain rod when opening and closing. I recommend using clip rings instead of hanging them on a rod pocket. Here’s how to use curtain rings perfectly.
  • Most Common Type of Curtain
  • Rod Pocket Curtains are usually Budget-friendly for styling your windows. No need to purchase additional curtain rings.
  • Versatile: They come in various colors, patterns, and fabrics to match your home decor vibe.

Rod Pocket Curtains are great for creating a cozy, informal feel in your space. They’re perfect if you want to add a touch of classic charm while keeping things practical for your family.

Tab Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains offer a unique design with fabric loops that easily slide onto the curtain rod for a relaxed and casual appearance. These curtains have a very relaxed, almost bohemian vibe to them.

Tab Top Curtains Sheer
Ballard Designs Tab Top Curtains
  • Easy to install on the curtain rod
  • Relaxed look, can be a bit messy to the eye
  • Good for bohemian and farmhouse decor styles
  • Typically inexpensive

Designer Favorite Curtain Types

If you are wondering which types of curtains interior decorators use – it’s Pinch Pleat, Rod Pocket (hung from curtain rings or clip rings), or Cafe Curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my Curtain Style?

You should do a bit of research! Go on Pinterest, browse the internet and peruse home magazines. See which curtains styles you tend to gravitate towards over and over again. Create a Pinterest Board of your favorite rooms curtains, and see if notice a pattern. Personally, I have a love affair with pinch pleat and velvet curtains. I love a heavier drape that feels romantic and makes a statement.

Can I have Different Types of Curtains throughout my House?

Absolutely, you can hang different types of curtains in your house! It’s your house – your rules! You do whatever makes you happy and looks good to you. With that being said, if you want a little advice, I like to keep the same type of curtain in areas that are open to one another, such as an open concept kitchen and dining area. Too many mismatched curtains can be an eyesore if not done right and it’s best to keep things consistent, in my opinion.

Where do I find Affordable Curtains that look good?

I have a whole list of affordable curtains for you to peruse!

How do I hang Curtains?

There is a “right way” to hang curtains. Get all my tips and tricks in this guide to hanging curtains.

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