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Vintage Flatware - Entertaining Essentials

I’ve been wanting to share my entertaining essentials with y’all. Sean and I entertain a lot around here. Couple that with living in the South and it’s safe to say we’ve got this down to a science at this point.

Here are all my must-haves for seamless entertaining. The best part? All of these essentials are inexpensive. I’ve even found some amazing entertaining pieces while thrifting.

the secret to successful entertaining is not having the fanciest, finest china – it’s having a collected look where everything looks amazing together.

Today, we are talking about entertaining essentials that you invest in once and use year after year after year. I encourage you to think about how you like to entertain – is it formal dinners? It is more casual app and finger food boards? Maybe it’s backyard BBQs all the way. This should give you some clues as to what you need most.

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cloth napkins in a drawer

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This is an obvious one but it needs to be mentioned. My trick with dinnerware and serveware? Buy all your pieces in ONE color. For me, it’s white (or some call it whiteware). I chose a set of white dishes and various sets of white serveware. This way, the table looks totally coordinated, and it works no matter the holiday or season.

You might be thinking; but that’s so boring! And I can tell you it’s really not. You can dress up the table with candles, centerpieces and patterned cloth napkins depending on your mood.

I also love to throw in a festive plate or two to the mix, such as pretty transferware. Or, use some interesting seasonal mugs to hold party straws, cutlery or coffee stirrers. Even better if this item is something thrifted or passed down to you. I love incorporating that kind of stuff as it can be conversation starter.

Santa Mugs in a Cupboard for Entertaining

Walmart and Target have fantastic dinnerware sets for 12 for not a lot of money.


Duh, unless you are serving finger foods only – we need flatware! I know that’s trendy to have that fancy gold flatware right now. But I’m a traditional girl and I love, love, love the old style of silverware. Especially if it’s vintage looking and has patina.

Platters, Serveware, Casseroles

These are essential for serving food or setting up a buffet style dinner. I’m talking about large platters for a turkey or large entrees and big bowls when serving a big salad or pasta dish (or a ton of chips for Cinco de Mayo or Football Games).

Also having one nice, large 13×9 casserole dish is helpful for serving lasagnas and yes, casseroles, and can go from oven to table without any fuss.

White serving dishes on a shelf in a cupboard

You will get so much use out of these items. I have a collection of white serveware that I keep in my sideboard. I pull them out even for casual dinners with just the four of us. And as I stated before – everything matches and looks coordinated because it’s all the same color dishware.

Cloth Napkins

Yes, you can buy the really nice paper napkins. But cloth napkins are so much more elegant and they are better for the environment. There is something about using a cloth napkin that makes you feel extra special.

Cloth Napkins for Entertaining

Homegoods, Walmart and Target are my go-to stores for pretty cloth napkins. And IKEA has lightweight tea towels that make fantastic napkins. But you can also make your own napkins (no sew) if you are up to it.


I prefer chargers over placemats anymore. Placemats get crumbled and shrink and look dingy after a while. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me. I love a charger though. You only need to invest in one set. These versatile galvanized or woven ones go with any holiday or season and can really dress up your table.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

It’s best not to assume our food is absolute perfection and guests don’t need salt and pepper. Unless you are a professional chef. Keep a lovely set out on the table and your guests will feel right at home.

Small Pitcher or Gravy Boat

I have a confession. I hate gravy. The color is off putting and I just can’t. But I won’t deny my guests. Sean said gravy is almost his favorite thing at Thanksgiving, behind the turkey itself.

A gravy boat (or small pitcher) can hold gravy, salad dressings, creamer and the like. It’s a nice thing to have and makes things feel a little more classy than just throwing down an ugly bottle of Wishbone Italian dressing. Try to keep this in the same color family as everything else.


Cheeseboards are not just for cheese. They can hold dessert, make a suitable tray for cutlery or small bowls of things and they bring a warmth to your table like no other. Again – homegoods is chock full of these!

In fact, I’m a big fan of a semi-homemade approach to entertaining. I don’t want to spend the whole time behind the stove. So I love to create a large dessert board filled with small pastries, cookies, fruit and candies on a cheeseboard. Trust me, your guests won’t miss a thing.

Tiered Server / Pedestals

These were never even on my radar until I got one of these three tiered servers. When you’re serving food, especially a buffet, using tiered servers and pedestals helps to vary the height of the food. This keeps things visually interesting and makes for a better presentation. You can also use pedestals and tiered servers as dessert boards and cheese/nibble boards (nibble boards are a nod to Erin French from The Lost Kitchen.)

Oh, and by pedestals I mean cake stands, essentially.

Large Pitcher

I use our pitcher regularly for two things; water and sangria (when I make it). A lovely pitcher of water with fresh lemon slices on the table is beautiful and you will use this again and again.


Some say scented, others say unscented. Whatever your choice, candles are essential and help set the mood and provide ambiance. You can also try a Pura diffuser for a welcoming scent. Keep the intensity on low so you don’t give anyone a headache or cause an allergic reaction. But candles look pretty and feel like a party.


I feel like I’m adding “ware” to every word in this post lol. Anyways, whether you drink beer, wine or other alcohol or you don’t, you still need something for people to drink out of.

Entertaining Essentials - barware

I fell in love with these stemmed goblets from IKEA and I always pick up a few more whenever I make a stop. They are great for water, wine or whatever you want to put in them and they are cheap as heck. You can dishwash them (they are short and fit in the top rack!) and they even stack in your cabinets to save space. They have proven to be very durable and great for a variety of beverages. You can even put dessert in them!

Coming from an Italian family, I will also note that you don’t *need* wine glasses. Yes, they are nice but they are not essential. My Italian grandmother drank wine out of basic water glasses, and frankly that just feels so much cooler and less fussy to me.

Please don’t ask me how many traditional wine glasses I’ve broken in the dishwasher. Yes, I get it – traditional wine glasses are beautiful and there is something about holding them sometimes that just makes you feel more relaxed. I’m just encouraging you to think outside the box.

Entertaining Essentials - barware

Drinkware is a bit of personal choice of the host, because I’ll drink out of whatever the host or hostess wants to give me. If you are a big whiskey drinker, you might want a set of whiskey tumblers. If you drink a lot of sweet tea, maybe taller glasses are what you want. We also love these impressions glasses – they have the little thumb indents on the sides for easy holding.

If you serve a lot of wine, maybe you want to invest in some stemware and some decorative wine glass markers. Then folks can keep track of their glass.


Is there anything worse than showing up to a party and just sitting there in silence? I mean, I’m sure there is, but silence can be deafening. Music is a must-have. Grab your favorite playlist and an inexpensive bluetooth speaker and you are set.

Powder Room Essentials

First, let me just say that a clean bathroom/powder room is ESSENTIAL. It should have extra toilet paper at the ready (a cute wicker basket can hold these), lovely hand towels (more than 1) and some nicely scented hand soap. Bonus points for a small vase of flowers or greenery.

A fresh hand towel and bar soap on the sink

I also like to put a stack of pretty wrapped bars of soap (Homegoods and Amazon sell them) on a tank tray behind the toilet or even on the sink area. They are just for show, but their scent escapes the wrappers so the powder room always smells nice without the fire hazard of an unattended candle. (We all know Aunt Debbie can’t hold her wine.)

If you are having a large party with lots of guests, you might want to invest in disposable hand towels. Again – homegoods to the rescue here! There is nothing like washing your hands and then drying them on a incredibly damp hand towel that’s been used dozens of times before. Ick! I can’t be the only one who has had this lovely experience.

So that about wraps up this post. You will feel that much more relaxed having these entertaining essentials on hand and ready to go for your next get together. And if you are going to a party, don’t show up empty handed. We all know the effort it takes to host a party!

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