Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

I’ve done the research and I’m showing you the most realistic Christmas garlands out there in this roundup post.

I’ve bought so many garlands over the years and unfortunately had to return most of them. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – I’m super picky when it comes to faux florals and greenery – my eagle eyes can spot a fakey from a mile away.

I thought this post would be helpful if you are looking for the best, most realistic garlands out there! But you have to get them early because they sell out so quickly!

Then, check out these ideas for how to decorate with garland.

I’m not going to overwhelm you with 25 garlands – I’m only pointing out the best garlands that are worthy of a spot in your home. And because of that, this list is tiny but none of these will not disappoint. Let’s get started.

Realistic Christmas Garlands

1. Norfolk Pine Garland

most realistic garlands you can buy
Shop Vintage Character – Etsy

We are starting with my favorite garland of all time. HANDS DOWN. I’ve never seen such a lifelike garland! I can’t tell you how many people ask me if these garlands are real. Every year, I try to get one or two more. So hopefully, in about five years I’ll have enough to spread around our house. 🙂 And the best part is that these garlands sell under $100 (and even under $50 in the off months). They are soft and drapey and look so beautiful.

This Norfolk Pine Garland sells at various places, so I’m including a bunch here. I’ve purchased mine from Overstock (it’s not available there anymore) and Afloral. It’s the same garland – so shop around before it sells out!

most realistic garlands you can buy
Darby Creek Trading – Etsy

Here are several options for it below:

Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland.

Amazon Norfolk Pine Garland.

Etsy Norfolk Pine Garland here and here and here.

2. Cedar Garland

Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

Ok, my second favorite. I love love love a good cedar garland. This one from Anthropologie is a true winner. It has a beautiful drape to it and looks so realistic. You can get this in either 6 or 9-foot lengths – I have the 6 foot. It’s perfect to hang above a doorway, archway, or mirror! Very full and lush looking as well.

most realistic garlands you can buy

3. Cypress Garland

Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

Crate and Barrel really knocked it out of the park with their Cypress Garland. I hope they never get rid of it! This garland is made of plastic and iron, so you can bend the branches however you need to. But the way it was constructed makes it look so real and lifelike – it is drapey and imperfect in a perfect sort of way. I’m telling you that NO ONE will tell this is fakey!!

Check out the Cypress Garland here.

4. Faux Winter Evergreen

Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

This winter evergreen garland from McGee and Co. is just so dang pretty. It’s perfectly drapey! I know I keep saying drapey, but that’s really what makes a garland look real. They aren’t supposed to look perfectly in place. A real garland is heavy and will naturally fall this way and that. This garland comes in 6 feet lengths, but you could always invest in one each year and then put them together for a longer look.

Check out the Winter Evergreen Garland here.

Also from McGee and Co, and widely popular, is their cedar pine 6 foot garland. Worth a look but it sells out rather quickly which is a bummer, so act fast if you like it.

Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

5. Angel Pine Garland

Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy

If you like the look of pine garlands – then look no further than the Angel Pine Garland from Ballard Designs. It’s SOFT, not plasticky looking and the needles have a shaded look to them, just like a real pine garland. It’s almost 9 feet long and comes with added pinecones so you can literally just hang it up and be done. Amazing reviews!

Check out the Angel Pine Garland here.

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Most Realistic Christmas Garlands You Can Buy
most realistic garlands you can buy
McGee and Co. GarlandStudio McGee

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