20 Halloween decor Ideas to Unleash your Creativity

Are you thinking about Halloween yet? We tend to decorate early for it in this house. I can’t help it, I just love Halloween.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Halloween decor ideas so you don’t have to spend a fortune. Check them out below!

Coffee and pumpkins - easy Halloween decorations
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Halloween Decor Ideas

Here are some of the best Halloween Decor Ideas out there – and they can all be done pretty quickly!  Every year, you can buy a little something new, and before you know it, you’ll be ready each and every year once October rolls around.

1. Hang a Witch’s Broom.

Witches Broom! Halloween Entryway with a bench, spiders, a witch's broom and wreath and pumpkins!

Every witch needs a place to hang her broom when the day is done!

2. Make a Halloween Banner

How to make a DIY halloween banner - simple halloween mantel decor

Make this Halloween Banner and drape it across your mantel or doorway!

3. Hang Floating Witch Hats and Candles

Halloween Decor on a Front Porch: Floating Witch Hat Luminaries and Candles

Take a que from Harry Potter and hang some lighted witch hats and candles from your ceiling.

4. Add some fairy lights.

Skull with fairy lights
Decor Hint

Fairy Lights have a way of making things look better. So take any Halloween decor item you have and throw some fairy lights on it. This makes a spooky moment for your shelves and tables. You can also add fairy lights to your you’ve been boozed packages!

5. Give your Plants and Pumpkin Eyes.

styrofoam balls on a pumpkin

This is a super fun craft and one that your kids can get involved in! Take some styrofoam balls, wood skewers, and acrylic paint and create “eyes” for pumpkins and plants. My kids laughed hysterically at this.

While it might not scare people, maybe it will make them laugh. And we could all use more laughs.

painting eyes on styrofoam

6. Make a Giant Spiderweb.

a giant spider web for halloween on a front porch

A giant spiderweb on your front exterior is the perfect way to welcome trick or treaters. Learn how to make a giant spiderweb here. Don’t forget the spider!

7. Create a Trail of Spiders on the Wall.

20 Halloween decor Ideas to Unleash your Creativity

A trail of black spiders is a fun way to fill up your walls for Halloween. Kids love hanging them too. You can hang these with mounting putty, it sticks to the wall and removes cleanly. Museums use it!

20 Halloween decor Ideas to Unleash your Creativity

8. Hang Halloween Art.

skull picture in a gold frame on a bookshelf

You can find free spooky art on public domain sites. Search for skulls, witches and more and you’ll find a whole treasure trove of free printable art.

9. Spray Paint Some Branches.

Spray paint some sticks black and stick them in a vase. Or, spray paint a grapevine wreath black and add some crows or spiders or mice. Finally, add some orange fairy lights. You can also buy them like this!

10. Hang some Cobwebs across an open Window or Door

Stretch some faux spider webbing across an open doorway, as they did here at this pumpkin patch.

Spiderwebs across a doorway
Decor Hint

11. Add Mice to your Pumpkins.

Instead of having to carve an intricate design in your pumpkin – just make a series of holes and put some fake mice in them throughout.

12. Drape Creepy Cloth Over your Furniture

Spooky gauze on a sofa
Source unknown

Love this!  A couch looks so much spookier when covered with ripped lace or netting.

13. Create a Pathway Ghosts and Pumpkins.

I don’t know any kid who wouldn’t want to collect candy here.  A clothesline holds a ghost, a skeleton, and an old shutter.  Carved pumpkins light the way.

14. Frame some Lace and Spiders.

Having a party and struggling with wall decor?  Frame some doilies or lace and put a fake spider on them.  Looks great!

15. Spray Paint Faux Succulents Black.

Take some of those inexpensive faux succulent plants with pots and spray paint them black.

16. Fill your Fireplace with Pumpkins.

Fill your fireplace with pumpkins and add black accents to your mantel – a single feather in a glass jar looks surprisingly eerie.  And so simple.

17. Hang Giant Spiders on Your Home.

Giant Spiders hung across your house make it look extra spooky!

Giant spider decor
New England Living

18. Paint Carved Pumpkins Black.

Pumpkins painted black and lit up at night look so cool!  Don’t you think?

19. Hang Some Chains and Skeletons.

Tons of skulls and chains and a few pumpkins make for a haunted front entrance!

20. Spook out Your Mantel.

Don’t forget your mantel. Hang some creepy cloth, faux bats, and skeleton creatures. Arrange pumpkins casually around your fireplace as a finishing touch.

20 Halloween decor Ideas to Unleash your Creativity

Hope you enjoyed these Halloween Decor Ideas. Wishing you all a spooky and haunted Halloween filled with lots of fun and extra special goodies!

Xo Karen