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Inside : best halloween decorations

Coffee and pumpkins
Source Unknown

I know some of you may not get fully prepared for Halloween until a few days before the actual event.  After all, it can be hard to “live” in your home after you have set up for Halloween.  Those faux cobwebs are tricky to maneuver around. 🙂

Here are some of the best Halloween Decorations out there – and they can all be done pretty quickly!  Actually – this is usually a good time to stock up on decorations and candy since these things tend to go on sale right now and right after Halloween.

Wishing you all a spooky and haunted Halloween filled with lots of fun and extra special goodies!

featured image : Flickr

Best Halloween Decorations

Take a skull and add some fairy lights.

Skull with fairy lights
Decor Hint

Spray paint some sticks black and bend them into a wreath.  Orange candles go a long way too!

Stretch some faux spider webbing across an open doorway…

Spiderwebs across a doorway
Decor Hint

Instead of having to carve an intricate design in your pumpkin – just make a series of holes and put some fake mice in them throughout.

Love this!  A couch looks so much spookier when covered with ripped lace or netting.

Spooky gauze on a sofa
Source unknown/pinterest

I don’t know any kid who wouldn’t want to collect candy here.  A clothesline holds a ghost, a skeleton and an old shutter.  Carved pumpkins light the way.

Having a party and struggling with wall decor?  Frame some doilies or lace and put a fake spider on them.  Looks great!

Take some of those inexpensive faux succulent plants with pots and spray paint them black.

Fill your fireplace with pumpkins and add black accents to your mantel – a single feather in a glass jar looks surprisingly eerie.  And so simple.

Giant Spiders hung across your house make it look extra spooky!

Pumpkins spray painted black and lit up at night look so cool!  Don’t you think?

Tons of skulls and chains and a few pumpkins make for a haunted front entrance!

Happy Halloween!

Xo Karen