An easy step by step tutorial for making a DIY Macrame Banner.

I’ve been getting more requests from you guys for macrame posts. And I’m back for another one for ya!

macrame banner in green and white with beads hanging from a basket

The first project I have lined up for you is this macrame banner. I really love the look of these and you can hang them anywhere. Over a picture, strung over a window or a bed, even on the back of the chair.

macrame banner in green and white with beads hanging from a basket

My favorite way to use them is draped on a pretty basket. It takes a blah basket and adds a little something to it.

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Don’t be intimidated by this project! It’s three basic knots – a lark’s head, a square knot, and a double half hitch. That’s it! I decided to add beads to mine, but that’s totally optional. You can also make these in different colors which is fun if you want to coordinate with your room.

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry – you can visit my basic macrame post here and get a printable pdf of all these knots. You’ll be a pro in no time.

I chose green and beige. I have some plans for my kids playroom and this color scheme will tie into that.

Let’s get going!

Things You’ll Need

  • Macrame Cording – 1 – 7 foot cord, and 40 – 3 feet cords.
  • Beads (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Wire Brush (for fringe)

DIY Macrame Banner

This banner consists of five mini macrame hangings attached to one long cord. Each wall hanging uses 8 – 3 foot cords. You can make this banner smaller or larger if you want, just increase the number of cords.

I made a video showing you how to make this.

You can follow the instructions below and watch the video to see it in action. You will get the hang of this!

  1. Attach 8 of the three-foot cords to your long cord using Larks Head knots.
  2. Make three rows of alternating square knots.
  3. On the 4th row, make two square knots with the very inner cords.
  4. On the 5th row, make one square knot with the 4 middle cords.
  5. Make two rows on either side in a v shape of diagonal double half hitch knots. Follow the direction of your square knots above.
  6. Make a tight square knot with the very center cords, bringing the V shape together.
  7. Cut excess cords from the bottom and use a wire brush to fringe the ends.

I used beads to separate each macrame “banner”, but this is totally optional. If you want to do this, just twist on a few wood beads before and after each banner. I made small knots after the very two end beads to hold them in place.

I ended up cutting some excess cord off my garland rope too – I didn’t make my banner too long because I wanted this as an accent on my large basket in the kids playroom. This size ended up being perfect, but if you want to make your piece larger, you can certainly keep going and add more banners to this.

green and white diy macrame banner hanging on a wall 
green and white diy macrame banner
green and white diy macrame banner
kids playroom with colorful wall hangings, macrame banner, baskets and kids artwork

Thank you so much!

xo Karen