Our Decorating Plans and House Projects for 2024

dining room with gallery wall - the homebody house

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I realize it’s March and this post is long overdue. I keep talking about these projects I have in store this year and I’m excited to be spilling the beans in the post! Here are all the house projects and decorating plans for 2024.

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Incorporate More Color

I’m feeling bored with my decor. There, I said it. I need more color. More wood tones. More character. But really, I need more color. If you follow me on my Facebook page, you’ll see I mostly keep posting spaces with color. By the way, you should follow me there – I post a ton of inspirational spaces!

Paint Color Scheme - decorhint.com

Blues, Browns, Greens, Maroons. Blue has always been a favorite color of mine. And I’m looking to incorporate more moody and dusty blues this year. Mainly with paint but also with accessories. I love the color of this bathroom, from Rebecca & Genevieve.

maroon painted bathroom - rebecca and genevieve
Rebecca and Genevieve

One of the projects for 2024 I have planned is painting our breakfast nook navy and I think – I think – the hubby is on board. We already have one wall painted here so I would just be carrying the color through the rest of that space. This will make the white curtains and rug pop and just give this space some character. Here’s how it looks now.

kitchen breakfast nook area with a washable rug, a round table and black wood chairs

And here’s some inspiration for it.

navy dining room, dark and moody with bistro chairs. Heidi Caillier
Heidi Caillier

Entryway Dresser/Thrift

This is a maybe project but it’s always on the back of my mind. There is something about our entryway that doesn’t feel right to me. Ideally, I would love to thrift a vintage pine dresser, but I haven’t had much luck there. Here’s my inspiration. We don’t have a lot of natural light in our home, so I’m always looking for furniture that hold a table lamp.

I did build an entry table for it about a year ago but it feels like this area needs a solid piece of furniture, rather than one that’s minimal and open. It’s not lost on me that I could theoretically build this. I haven’t built drawers before but I think I could figure it out. Oh Dad – I wish you were still here to help me.

Repaint our Dining Room Hutch

Ahhhhh. This is going to be a project. But I really need to lighten up our dining room. I still love the black milk paint and would recommend it, but as I said in the previous section – I need some brighter colors. So, I’m thinking a blue or gray for this piece.

I absolutely fell in love with Ina Garten’s french hutch in her home, and this is the color I’m going for.

Ina Garten French Country Hutch NYT
Ina Garten Hutch via NYT

Our dining room table is wood, our dining chairs are dark and we have a dark light fixture — so there is already the presence of dark colors in this room. I need balance. And the hutch is so large that it commands attention as soon as you walk in that room.

I previously painted our hutch right there in the dining room with the windows open. So as soon as the weather turns I’m gonna start tackling this project!

Hang More Art

This year in particular I’ve noticed that a ton of our walls are blank! One of these spaces that desperately needs art is our bedroom. I have one entire wall with nothing on it. Especially above the bed. It feels incomplete.

I was very inspired by this botanical wall art set from The Homebody House. Love these frames!!

dining room with gallery wall - the homebody house
The Homebody House

I’m thinking a set of botanical prints, like these ones from Pottery Barn, in pretty frames. More to come!

Finish up Hannah’s Room

Last year, I started working on Hannah’s room. I repainted it, hung some molding and also built her a bed frame. I also added some wallpaper from Chasing Paper. You can see a bit of it here in this photo.

Stuffed Animal Holder

I still need to add a shelf and pegs to her wall, some curtains, wall art and a headboard. I can’t wait to finish this room up and give her a proper tween space to hang in.

Zhush up our Mudroom

When we first moved in to this house, we had a little nook off our garage door that was begging for a built in bench and hooks. We completed this mudroom project a couple years ago and also added beadboard to the wall. Needless to say, we use this space daily and I need more character here. Here’s how it looks today.

My plan is to build a shelf on top and add baskets to hold our winter gear and my husband’s ever growing collection of baseball hats. I would also love to paint this area a smokey, dusty blue. Here’s a general idea/inspiration, but the shelves would be wood instead of painted white.

Mudroom with shelves and bench, Jean Stoffer Design
Jean Stoffer

Hang Wallpaper in the Laundry Room

Our laundry room needs a boost! God knows I go in there often enough. Might as well make it prettier. It’s come a long way since my little makeover and with the addition of the new runner, but I need more. I definitely want to hang some wallpaper in there above the navy molding. Here are some of the wallpaper options I’m loving:

Hang Wood in our Screened in Porch ceiling

I love this look! This is something we will tackle when the weather warms up. Our porch is not bad, but it’s a bit blah. I’m wanting to warm it up a bit and a wood ceiling is just the ticket. Here are inspiration photos of what we’re thinking:

We are putting in a Pool!

Surprise! We are putting in a pool! This is obviously our big project for the year and it’s already started. I can’t wait to take you guys along for the ride here and I promise not to hold anything back. I’m going to tell you how much it cost, how long it took, and have plenty of before and after pictures to show you. Isn’t this house gorgeous, by the way??

pebbletec pool finish in midnight

It’s a gunite pool with a pebble tec finish. It’s going to look similar in color to this pool. We have opted for pavers around the side. Here’s a little sneak peek of where we are currently.

Pool Progress - decorhint.com

I cannot wait to get these projects finished up this year. Stay tuned.

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