18 Easy Wood Projects for your Home

a compilation of easy wood projects for your home and decor

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Looking for some easy wood projects that you can finish up in a day?  Or how about an hour?  And with basic tools?  And inexpensive wood? Or even free pallet wood? In this post, I’m rounding up some of my favorite easy wood projects that you can make for your home.   

I hope these projects inspire you to try and make something beautiful for your home.  Trust me – the hardest part is getting started and building up your confidence to do so.  Just take that first step and things will start rolling from there.  

Oh, and most of them require nothing more than scrap pieces of wood.  Call me plain and simple but I really like working with cheap wood and I think pine wood stains beautifully.

Recommended Woodworking Tools and Supplies

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Easy Wood Projects

1. Simple Wood Bench 

a wood bench tutorial - easy wood projects for beginners

This simple wood bench will take you a few hours but once you know how to make it you open up a world of possibilities for more benches in different sizes! 

Get the tutorial for this simple wood bench here.

2. Spice Drawer Risers

diy wood spice drawer organizer in a drawer with spices on it.

You can buy spice risers but I’m kind of partial to the pretty wood ones that are custom made for your drawer.  Grab some cheap pine wood and get organized!  

Get the full tutorial for diy spice risers here.

3. easy Board and Batten Walls 

Blue Bathroom with board and batten wall

This tutorial calls for garden lattice – yes, you read that right.  Cheap lattice can transform boring walls into stylish molding.  This is not hard!  Very minimal cuts and mostly attached with construction adhesive.  

Get the full tutorial for board and batten here.

4. Small Wood Stool / Plant Stand

DIY Small Wood Stool in a Kitchen - full tutorial for how to make these cheap wood stools in post.

I love these stools!  My dad and I put this one together and while this is the most challenging project on this list, it’s still very doable and sturdy as heck.  There are so many uses for stools; seats, step stool, plant stand and more!  

Get the full wood stool tutorial here.

5. Wood Pedestal

Up close view of DIY wood pedestals stacked- full tutorial in post!

Not a stool – a pedestal.  And a stylish one that doesn’t cost a fortune.  I made one for my bathroom and one for my kitchen.  Life feels a little more luxurious when things are elevated on a pedestal.  

Get the wood pedestal tutorial here.

6. Succulent Planter Box

close up view of a diy succulent planter made out of wood with mini succulents planted in it

Someone on Instagram asked me if my succulents were still alive and they actually are – which is kind of amazing since I neglected them for a good bit.  The planter box is also still holding up and adds rustic charm to your tables.  Don’t want to worry about plant life?  This project is also perfect for faux succulents.  

Get the full tutorial for this succulent planter box here.

7. Farmhouse Coat Rack

Entryway with a diy farmhouse coat rack. There is a wreath and shawl hanging from the coat rack.

Sometimes the easiest projects can be the most charming.  Aside from the stool, this is one of my favorite projects.  I took a cheap piece of pine and attached some old hooks. 

I love how antique this looks and it’s functional too.  Whether you want to actually hang coats on it or just use it for decor (like me!) – you will love this project.  

Get the full DIY coat rack tutorial here.

8. Peg Rail 

shaker style peg rail with a wreath and an old picture hanging on the wall

If you are into rustic/farmhouse decor, I’m a firm believer that you can put a peg rail in any room and it will look great.  This tutorial shows you two ways to make one (including one with screw in pegs – did you know those exist!?)  

Get the full peg rail tutorial here.

9. Wood Bookends 

Completed Wooden Bookends - Decor Hint

This was one of the first wood projects I ever made and I was so proud of myself afterward.  These bookends came together with two pieces of molding from the hardware store.  You can decorate and paint them to fit in with your decor.  

Get the DIY wood bookends tutorial.

10. Privacy Trellis 

View of a cedar and pine diy trellis against planter boxes.  how to build a trellis from start to finish!  Learn how easy it is to make your own!  

Need more privacy in your yard? Check out this simple privacy trellis tutorial that will give you plenty of privacy as well as place for your climbing plants to grow.  

Get the full tutorial for this privacy trellis right here!  

11. Simple Wood Lanterns

a set of three DIy Wood Lanterns on a front porch

You can totally make these charming, rustic wood lanterns for your porch and decor out of scrap wood! We used old pallet wood that we took apart and then made square dowels with a table saw. You can also make it easier on yourself by buying the square dowels already made, then just cutting them to the dimensions you want.

Get the full tutorial for these wood lanterns right here.

12. Wood Laundry Countertop

DIY Laundry Room Countertop - Step by Step.  How to install a wood countertop over your washer and dryer - for less than $50!

If you have a front loading washer and dryer, you can make a fully functional counter for holding laundry accessories and folding your clothes. This countertop was made from 1×10 boards and a piece of plywood.

Get the full tutorial for this DIY Laundry Room Countertop here.

13. Entry Table

DIY black wood Entry Table Decorated with a round mirror on top

This DIY entry table one of my favorite projects ever because it’s so practical and can be completed for less than $40 in lumber. This entry table was constructed out of pine, put together with sturdy pocket hole screws and then stained True Black. I love that similar tables to buy cost over $200!

14. Blanket Ladder

diy blanket ladder against a navy wall with a basket

I wanted a simple DIY blanket ladder that was tall to bring the eye up and fill an empty wall space in our bedroom. This was so incredibly easy to make – just 2x4s!

15. Lidded Wood Box

a wooden box slightly open with remotes inside 

These wood boxes are super practical, allowing you to stylishly hide those ugly remotes and charging cables.

Get the DIY Wood Box tutorial right here.

16. Grid Wall

Navy Office/Lounge with Grid Wall - How to put a Grid Wall - DIY Tutorial

We completely transformed our front office area into a sleek office with this accent grid wall. This is a high impact, easy and inexpensive project.

DIY Grid Wall How to.

17. Storage Cabinet

diy storage cabinet tutorial

Truth be told, this one requires a little more – but it still uses the same basic and simple practices I use with ALL my wood projects. Pine and Pocket Holes! I hope a project like this inspires you to try. Once you learn the basic skillset, you can easily knock this out!

DIY Storage Cabinet Tutorial.

18. End of Bed Bench

End of Bed Bench in a Bedroom

I love the look of those old wood benches at the end of the bed. I took some simple pine wood to make this end of bed bench, then I distressed it to look old and stained it with Early American.

End of Bed Bench DIY

Favorite Resources/Inspiration for Woodworking

While I learned a lot about woodworking from my dad and my husband, here are a few of my favorite resources for learning even more.  

  • Ana White Woodworking – she is amazing!  I think she has a tutorial for just about everything.  
  • Pretty Handy Girl – You will love Brittany as much as I do.  So many amazing projects on her site and she has a great way of teaching beginners.  

I tend to make things that I want to buy.  If I see a pretty side table or stool, I try to figure out a way to make one first.  Or, I see if I can thrift it.  Sometimes that can be the cheaper option since lumber prices are a little insane right now.  

I’ll be sure to add more easy wood projects to this list as I complete them.  And trust me, I have quite the list of things I want to try out.  I encourage you to give it a go!

Thanks for visiting today, 

Xo Karen

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